Closer Look At Heritage Trail Planned Under Signature Bridge

Here are higher resolution renderings of Heritage Trail, proposed as part of the top-ranked bid to build the Signature Bridge.

PlusUrbia Design of Miami created the plan for Heritage Trail.



Tequesta Fountain:

Native Forest:

Latin Plaza:

Heritage Wall:

D.A. Dorsey Market Plaza:

Overtown Legacy Wall:




Viaduct that would be built:

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Great and all, but I would’ve liked to see FDOT use its funds to actually fix traffic flows throughout the state, especially in Miami…


What are you, a long haul truck driver?


I think most people would agree that a tunnel would have been much better for Miami, me included, but that is just not going to happen. This design is not bad and I am sure that when it is first completed it will look this way, but I am concerned as to what will happen in time. Once again let’s not forget what usually happens under the bridges of Miami, they become filled with homeless people and trash no matter how low are high the overpass happens to be. This can be even be seen next to Flagler on the River that has the highest clearance of I-95 in all of Miami. I can only hope that the city will put some form of system in place that will keep this area clean and open to the general public.


listen up…all of us want additional travel options but for the last time this 800 million is only for this bridge..nothing else…if we dont use it for this project and only this project than fdot will disperse the dollars to other cities for their projects……thats the way this it or not


Gee, I’m surprised your comment hasn’t gotten any thumbs down votes yet. People on this site usually don’t like it when someone tells the truth.



Yohan Perez

Either plans look fine, but the other one is more modern. But neither talk about the exit ramps. Right now its a nightmare to exit to Biscayne blvd in rush hour coming from the West (I95 and Dolphin). How are they addressing this issue? I don’t see any exit ramps designed to quickly disperse traffic on to the Biscayne. Is this just a $1B make up?


i agree… mothing has been evident in the renderings about exit ramps…although i do remember an article somewhere that did address the ramps and having them widened


New exit ramps from the West will be at Miami Ave. You will be able to continue east to Biscayne or turn right towards the CBD


Won’t you also have to cross the intersections of NE 1st and 2nd Ave before getting to Biscayne?

Marc My Words

Rendering sleight of hand by obscuring the true mass of the base of the “fountain” in the first 3 slides. Mark my words, that is going to be one yuuuuuuge block of concrete in middle of the pedestrian zone. Say what you will about the other project, FDOT is getting bamboozled with this one.


This is lipstick on a pig.


It truly is.


Ha!…the giant spider that ate Miami…..


I don’t understand that last rendering.. what’s that got to do with the signature bridge? Seems like a waste of money…


It’s an overpass that goes over the whole 836/395/95 interchange for travelers going east-west. It should improve traffic flow for all parties involved.

I think the project is going to be beneficial in regards to traffic. I just think this “bridge” and “park” is a complete waste of money.


This is my favorite of all the bridge proposals. I know people wanted to see more investment in transit or a tunnel but I think we should also see the positives in what we’re getting. The bridge (in my opinion) has an awesome design and it has many great features underneath. Let’s get this thing going.




What would you recommend ?


A tunnel from I95 to Watson Island, the same Heritage Trail above…I don’t care about the cost..


Pretty sure they might be concerned a tunnel may flood during a hurricane.


Another components missing from the project:

The corrupt politicians Plaza

The I might get mugged Plaza

Monument to the lack of massive transit

The never bay link Plaza

The Why A Bridge where is not need Promenade

The viaduct of money to politicians pockets

The Homeless Park

Drawings will be available soon upon request


I could not agree more. This is fake understanding… it cannot be a true proposal. The viaducts must be enclosed for urban activity to coexist in proximity. See Tokyo and Kyoto City Center. It is curious that the cars appear so infrequently. Hmmm Yes, this is a tunnel project.