CMC Preparing To Break Ground On 65-Story Brickell Flatiron

CMC Real Estate appears to be making final preparations to begin construction on the 65-story Brickell Flatiron tower.

In November, the developer filed a 250-page Declaration of Condominium for the project. Maintenance fees came in at just above 70 cents per square foot.

Monday was the last day for popular bar and eatery Barú Urbano, which sits on the land at 1001 S. Miami Avenue where Flatiron will be built. A permit to remove and relocate the old growth trees on the property has been approved by the city.

Next door, a parking lot on Flatiron land will close by the end of the month, according to employees.

The project will include 552 units in a 750-foot tower. Colombo’s CMC group bought the property in October 2013 for $21 million.