Commission To Vote On Land Swap For MiamiCentral Supertowers

Miami commissioners are scheduled to vote on a rezoning that is part of a land swap deal with All Aboard Florida, with two supertowers hanging in the balance.

All Aboard Florida wants a 7,677 square foot park across from the civil courthouse to help square off their site where two supertowers are planned. In exchange, they plan to deed city a .5 acre property at 435 Northwest 1st Court along with $500,000 in cash, both of which will be used to build a new fire station.

In order to finalize the deal, a rezoning of the land from park to Central Business District

An analysis by city staff states:

…in terms of usefulness, the space is not used by Downtown residents and visitors, as it is not situated in a comfortable environment. The property is small and surrounded by heavily trafficked downtown streets, creating an “island” effect. Within the 10 minute walk service area of this block, there are many more comfortable parks for downtown residents, including Bayfront Park, Museum Park, Paul Walker Mini Park, and the park adjacent to the Steven P. Clark Government Center. In addition, there are a number of high-quality civic spaces, such as the plaza adjacent to the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Federal Courthouse. Furthermore, the City is designating approximately 16,000 square feet of land to Public Parks and Recreation adjacent to Eaton Park in the City‘s Upper Eastside, putting the City ahead in terms of total publically designated park space.

Miami’s Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board deadlocked in a 4-4 vote on the deal July 31, but the commission has the ability to override them. The commission vote is scheduled for September 28.


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