Commissioner: I’ve Figured Out How To Finish Baywalk & Riverwalk Within A Few Years

Miami’s Baywalk and Riverwalk could both be completed within a few years, if a Miami commissioner has his way.

The city’s current plan is to force developers to build walkways only when they actually build a project, but that process could take decades as land bankers sit on their properties.

Instead, Ken Russell says that the city should issue $25 million worth of General Obligation bonds to pay for it up front and build it immediately – regardless of development status. Developers would then be forced to reimburse the city for the construction costs at the time that they actively begin building and trigger the requirements.

The Riverwalk and Baywalk are supposed to eventually run from the Miami River up through Edgewater in a continuous path.





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PLEASE! Keep going and get the River Walk going more than a few total blocks while we’re at it!

And don’t hire anyone who works as quickly as the Flagler Street teams!


River walk please! I live at Latitude and am tired of only having two blocks of it complete in front of my building!


Marc, I live at Latitude too, shoot me an email, cheers


“And don’t hire anyone who works as quickly as the Flagler Street teams!”

Joker, you beat me to it!


How far west can the river walk realistically go given current river uses? Jose Marti Park on the south side? 5th St bridge on the north?


You should walk it. It goes nearly the whole 6.1.miles….not always on the river, but there is signage and wayfinding if you leave the waterfront.
The North bank is much better developed than the South.
The Miami River Greenway has won National Awards.


I’ve been a Brickell on the River resident for about 5 years. I can’t wait for a functional River Walk. I am for anything that will help enforce continuity — I hope one day it will be a usable, linear park!


Would be a great place for joggers and bicyclists to use. Biscayne Blvd is anything but safe..


Great idea.. and makes sense!


A complete Bay and River walk is amongst the top needs and biggest benefits this city can have. For such an incredible waterfront, the pedestrian access is extremely disappointing. This is out chance to become a city like Barcelona with an iconic waterfront. These complete promenades would bring in more tourists than any free-fall amusement park tower ever would.


Phtt…! Barcelona. I’d be happy to see this dysfunctional little burg get a riverwalk as good as Tampa’s– but unless Miami’s requires a deeper setback, even that won’t happen.


A wide Biscayne Walk where a group can walk shoulder to shoulder is so important! if not its a single file line…. Not the same experience.


The difference is other cities also have miles of cafes and shops and plazas and other things that activate their waterfront spaces. Even with a complete Riverwalk, without a massive overhaul of how Miami requires development to engage public space, we’ll still just have a bunch of shitty garages to look at with 17 versions of Dave & Busters like half the posters here want.


I walk from 13th Street and the waterfront to Heat games and to the PAMM all the time. On the waterfront. Uninterrupted.

Distance-wise, this walk is longer than the Highline in NYC.

There are too many people in Miami that either don’t appreciate what they’ve got or don’t even know what they’ve got.


this commissioner seems to be different than the others…hes trying hard to do what these others either cant or dont want to tackle..please mr russell….do what you can to make this a reality in 3 years or less…..


He’s definitely proactive and not settling with the status quo like the rest of our commissioners.


If you build it, they will come.


Makes a lot of sense, and we will get in no time. We would end up with one look and cohesive design…and please hire a real landscape architecture firm

Yohan Perez

I will vote him for Mayor. First smart politician. i hope this passes.


100 % Agree ……. build it and then the owners of the parcel will have to pay with the interest…… their property value will increase tremendous , so is a win win for everybody , but do it now so we can start to enjoy it 🙂


Where does all the money in this city go? It’s pretty sad really I mean goodness it’s just a river walk. You mean to tell me places live Jacksonvile had a beautiful RW and yes Tampa among many other places an big city Miami can’t have one? No river walk a sad unutilized park a 1950’s fountain I mean come on Miami you have to spend money to be world class. All these other cities have the best of everything and been had it for years while we still trying to figure out how to pay for a damn river walk lol

Bill Fitch

Thank you Commissioner Russell. Every other city with a Riverwalk or waterfront walk of any kind has made it a city project to create a wonderful place for all residents and visitors. Waiting for our irresponsible developers is ridiculous.

Miami Women\'s Club site

The River Walk behind the Epic Hotel and Condos should be a public walk. And the Miami Women’s Club property owes the taxpayers a Bay Walk. Taxpayers paid millions to sleazy architects and the repairs never got finished.

Yohan Perez

I agree. A small connection is all that is needed to connect the pace park to the sea isle marina through the women’s club. Since they will never develop this site, why cant the city build this small 200 ft stretch. Will give massive dividends.


Hopefullynit gets done
..lots of old buildings built all the way to the seawall in Edgewater and Brickell.
Need to figure out how to convince those owners to build infront of thwm


They already…floated…ideas about getting around that.


Gooooo Ken!!!


“A few years” is a few decades in Miami time.




OMG, this guy is genius…. He’s figured out.. you can borrow money to build today and pay tomorrow?


It seems to me that developers could be making more contributions that would enhance our quality of life. What about a contribution for a new library, a new school and a fund to purchase land for parks and improve existing ones.The developers are using up valuable waterfront sites and the city is getting hardly anything in return.
It’s a drop in the bucket for their bottom line.


Or just require the developer to PAY NOW for the riverwalk. Why take on debt for them? Anyone with waterfront property would have no choice. If they are really serious about “developing” their projects, i.e., close to or fully funded, they will be happy to pay for the riverwalk because they know to get access to those limited slots on the water, it’s worth it. Plus it shows borrowers and those willing to invest that the development team is serious about its business model.


Yeah! Let’s borrow money at high interest rates and hope it gets paid back without interest!