Commissioners Vote To Redesign Convention Center Park With 2 Acres Of Unshaded Space

With little discussion, Miami Beach commissioners unanimously approved a plan to increase the open lawn at a park across from the convention center at a meeting yesterday.

The changes will mean that the open, unshaded lawn space will triple in size from 28,000 square feet to 87,000 square feet at the 5.8-acre park.

In a short presentation, officials claimed that the tree count won’t be reduced, only that they will be rearranged at the edges of the park. Hardscape would be reduced by at least 13 percent, officials said.

Miami Beach’s Design Review Board still needs to approve the changes, with board review likely in November.

An increase in the open lawn area is needed to allow for Design Miami, an annual five-day furniture show founded by Craig Robins. The city wants to sign a new ten year deal, which could put much of the park off limits to residents for up to two months of the year to allow for setup and removal of fair tents.