Concrete & Glass Courtyard Home Proposed On Di Lido Island, Replacing 1930 House

The owner of a waterfront property on Di Lido Island is proposing to build a new home featuring exposed concrete and glass as design elements.

A home that was built in 1930 will be demolished. City planners say the existing home is architecturally significant.

The new house will be 5,384 square feet – 37 square feet in excess of what is permitted by code the maximum permitted square footage for a lot of the size (50% of the lot size). Sloping and flat roof will also be about four feet of what is permitted.

A landscaped, heart-shaped courtyard will be at the center of the home.

Doo Architecture, based in Miami and Barcelona, prepared the plans.

Shahram Mass is the owner.

Approval from the Design Review Board will be needed for size and height variances, and because of the historic home currently on site.