Condo Building Proposed For Narrow Miami River Lot

The owner of a 14,969 square foot property at 27 SW South River Drive on the Miami River wants to build a 12-story residential building.

Representatives of South River Warehouse LLC, controlled by Arturo Ortega, presented plans for the project at a Miami River Commission subcommittee meeting last week. It isn’t clear if the proposal includes an adjacent 11,876 square foot property owned by Manny Seafood Corp.

Ortega bought the property last year for $1.6 million. A structure on the site dates back to 1925. It sits across the river from Melo Group’s Flagler On The River, while Neo Lofts is across the street.

Ortega will be required to build a riverwalk, and is hoping to cut a deal to convert a vacant 4,500 square foot city-owned lot next door into a park. Plans prepared by Arquitectonica show the park, tentatively called Flagler Cove Park.

The item will return to the next Miami River Commission’s Urban Infill & Greenways Subcommittee meeting after being deferred last week.


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6 years ago

Does Architectonica have the zigzag balconies look trademarked or something?

Edgewater Realty
6 years ago

Isn’t Studio Gang doing the same zigzag at the Design District bldg. they are doing for Craig Robbins?

Miami River Watch-Manatee
6 years ago

This is an abomination to the vision of an active Miami River Walk through the urban core. Looks like future dead park space.

– Are the blank facades along the base of this building in accordance with Miami 21? (Seems similar in essence to the Edge on Brickell)
– How will there be enough parking space in this structure to meet code without more than a single level of underground parking shown?)
– Is there really no retail or mixed use component to this project?

Overall, this concept presentation fails to show any creativity in how this unique and partially shaded park space can be better utilized. Perhaps even a coffee shop would do wonders to attract paying customers and less homeless to this part of the riverwalk. The views from part of the river are spectacular and the shade provided by the Flagler Street bridge must not be ignored. Let’s not blow this opportunity to hold these riverfront developers to higher standards. Looks like another lazy attempt to squeeze more money out of a property with little regard for its future impact at this critical juncture where the river meets the soon to be revitalized Flagler Street.

6 years ago

Um, the developer is proposing a twelve story building with a makeover of a lot thats owned by the city into park space.

What else do you want him to do, clear all the oil and diesel fuel from the water in the Miami River too?

Miami River Watch-Manatee
6 years ago

Obviously, I see your point, but as a taxpayer and resident of this neighborhood it is personal and I expect the developer to respect the vision of Miami 21 and the Miami River Commission. I don’t credit this developer with the goodwill that you believe he has; I think he is exploiting the park land for his benefit.
There is already a “park” there and I invite you to go visit it (watch out for the vomit, needles, and used condoms). I don’t believe this building, as shown in the proposal, will introduce much more foot traffic than the existing condos across the street. I see this park as continuing to be hostile and uninviting without the presence of commercial development or something creative on the ground level of this development. The developer is likely offering to enhance the park in exchange for a 20 story Public Benefits bonus (up from the 12 stories he is already allowed as per Miami 21 zoning regulations under T6-12-O zoning). This park job looks like makeup on a pig (with the small exception of the boardwalk portion of the “cove”, I’ll give credit where it is due)
My point: a 1 story building that activates the street and riverwalk can be much more beneficial to the pedestrian experience at this crucial juncture on the river than a 12 story building with blank facades that do nothing to enhance the quality and safety of the street level experience. Basically the blank facades are the most disturbing revelation to me, I can only hope that this changes.
I too am glad this area is being redeveloped, but we should not accept every proposal at face value just because anything is better than the status quo. I see this as a big opportunity for this part of the river.. Let’s do it right, this is OUR PARK after all.

6 years ago

You believe this developer is “exploiting the park land for his benefit?” Really?

You said the park is contaminated with “vomit, needles, and used condoms” and yet, you think this developer is going to take a risk with millions of dollars and not have a plan for eliminating such blight? If he does, he deserves a “20 story Public Benefits bonus.”

You said a “1 story building that activates the street and riverwalk can be much more beneficial to the pedestrian experience at this crucial juncture.” That’s an odd thing to say, especially since this residential building will be replacing a one story, unused, and neglected structure. There is a new three story building by Melo that will house restaurants and it will be next door to Flager on the River which also has it’s own dining area and they will both be right across the street. A 4 sixty story condo buildings project called “Miami River Walk” which will contain residential and a hotel along with over 50,000 sq ft of commercial space is proposed for the river. There are also other projects thats been proposed to go up on the Miami River that when all is said and done, hundreds if not thousands of feet will be going up and down the river to “enhance the quality and safety of the street level experience.” It’s impossible for all of this to happen without these parks being improved also.

I (and probably a few others to) find it hard to understand your resentment over one proposed project while illogically ignoring the big picture.

Edin Coralic
6 years ago

Great comment!!!

6 years ago

In the end a 12 story will make more profit than a let’s say 6 story. It can be sugar coated any which way but that’s the bottom line.

6 years ago

i is insane how much hate is going on this website, the city needs to grow up, (and its citizens), not everything is going to look like Dubai because “IT IS NOT”….. miami is becoming a huge city with tons of investment, People get over !!!!!

6 years ago

Does that rendering show Ryan Gosling walking in front of this building?

6 years ago

haha, I noticed that, also.

6 years ago

I spotted Jay-Z and Beyonce in a rendering for Miami World Center once.