‘Conga Line’ Part Of Second Ranked Bid For Walkway Under Signature Birdge

Below is a proposal called the “Conga Line,” including a walkway that is over a mile long, surrounded by 40 acres of open and green space.

It is proposed by Fluor Astaldi-MCM, as part of the second-ranked bid for the Signature Bridge project.

Features are very similar to the Heritage Walk, and include:

  • Bridge raised much higher than minimum requested by FDOT for more open space
  • 20-foot wide pathway from Overtown through Biscayne Boulevard, mostly native landscaping
  • Event space and Market areas
  • Childrens splash zone, playground, dog park, fitness zone, and community gardens
  • Wall murals, sculpture zones, and aesthetic lighting

The Conga Line aesthetic is more modern – various shades of gray, compared to the pink and other colors in the Heritage Trail Proposal.

(We were unable to obtain higher resolution renderings):

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Most important feature: Outdoor speakers playing Gloria Estefan – Conga on repeat 24/7 keeping homeless people from lingering too long.


I would love to see this linear park without the highway on top…omg, the tunnel idea is 1,000% much better. I cannot believe that major cities like Boston invests in despairing a concrete and steel mammoth size highway, and in Miami, we are raising our highway, creating a bridge to ‘celebrate’ it. In exchange, they give us a pretend-park space with names like Conga and Heritage to convince us that the this idea is a monument to our culture and diversity …


I think tbd shade provided by the bridge and highway is key. Nobody can take the heat with out a shade.
Great Idea


What about the noise from the highway, also key for the enjoyment?


Of course, it’s part of the ambience.
Wear ear muffs if it’s too much for you.
I mean it’s not as if you are going to sleep under the bridge.


i dont beleve you can heir it much i go to the park in nyc and its actiwally a calming sound




Completely agree. This “park” is going to be dead space. It won’t actually be used. Nobody is going to “enjoy” a lovely stroll under a highway overpass. Nobody is going to have a picnic or watch artists perform. Nevermind the highway’s noise pollution.

It’s ridiculous.

Bury the darned thing (ie, DO IT RIGHT) or don’t do it at all.


i think it well
be very nice and a great hangout spot


“Bury the darned thing”

It’s “bury the darn thing,” not “darned.”

I see people like you always harping about putting this highway underground. Do you realize Miami has a high water table? Meaning, you don’t have to dig too deep in the ground before you start seeing water. The cost of building, watering proofing, and maintaining such a highway in Miami would be astronomical.


You have got to be kidding me with your inaccurate grammar lesson.


Whatever the name, this proposal in general is much more appropriate and forward looking. The Heritage scheme feels forced and convoluted both in concept and visually.


Either design is good for the city of Miami., adds value and an important landmark.

Incredible the transformation this will have on the north downtown area!


Has anyone looked at the difference between how the Chonga Line and the Heritage Trail treat Museum Park? The Chonga Line opens it up and creates a safer pathway from the Science and Art museums to the Arscht Center and the Heritage trail leaves them all blocked off from each other.


The other one is way better.


This proposal is better.


much better than the heritage version!

Yohan Perez

Either plans look fine and I don’t care for the differences but neither talk about the exit ramps. Right now its a nightmare to exit to Biscayne blvd in rush hour coming from the West (I95 and Dolphin). How are they addressing this issue? I don’t see any exit ramps designed to quickly disperse traffic on to the Biscayne. Is this just a $1B make up and paint job?


Unfortunately the actual bridge on this one is wack with the those two stupid dancers.