‘Conga Line’ Part Of Second Ranked Bid For Walkway Under Signature Birdge

Below is a proposal called the “Conga Line,” including a walkway that is over a mile long, surrounded by 40 acres of open and green space.

It is proposed by Fluor Astaldi-MCM, as part of the second-ranked bid for the Signature Bridge project.

Features are very similar to the Heritage Walk, and include:

  • Bridge raised much higher than minimum requested by FDOT for more open space
  • 20-foot wide pathway from Overtown through Biscayne Boulevard, mostly native landscaping
  • Event space and Market areas
  • Childrens splash zone, playground, dog park, fitness zone, and community gardens
  • Wall murals, sculpture zones, and aesthetic lighting

The Conga Line aesthetic is more modern – various shades of gray, compared to the pink and other colors in the Heritage Trail Proposal.

(We were unable to obtain higher resolution renderings):