Construction On All Aboard Florida’s MiamiCentral To Begin Within 45 Days

Dade’s Rapid Transit Developmental Impact Committee granted final approval for the first phase of All Aboard Florida’s MiamiCentral station at a meeting last week. The meeting lasted less than thirty minutes, including a presentation on the project by Zyscovich Architects.

Construction on the rail portion will begin within 45 days. Under Florida statutes, the railway portion is not subject to local regulations or construction permitting.

Construction permitting for the station will be done at the county level, as the design review was. As part of the motion to approve, the committee added a condition the AAF must work with City of Miami officials on open space and landscape design.

Other than the terminal itself, the first phase will include mostly retail space. A European-style food market with multiple vendors is included in the plans.

A county source told TNM that All Aboard Florida is planning to submit plans for the second phase of the project within a few weeks. Those plans are expected to include two high-end apartment buildings, with hotel and office space also possible.

The third phase, known as the Supertower, will be built on the southernmost lot. That lot will be used as a staging area for the first two phases.

New York’s SOM and Miami’s Zyscovich are the project architects.