Construction Begins At Biscayne Landing; 4,000 Residential Units Planned

Construction is now underway at Biscayne Landing.

It will eventually include 4,000 residential units and 800,000 square feet of retail.


Oleta Partners Launches First Phase of Construction at Biscayne Landing,
the largest Mixed-Used Real Estate Development in North Miami

North Miami, Florida – July 24, 2014 – Oleta Partners, the developers of Biscayne Landing, the premier mixed-use real estate development located at 151st Street and Biscayne Boulevard in the City of North Miami, Florida, announced today that the first phase of construction at the 180+ acre site is underway.

Over the course of the project, Oleta Partners will convert the currently underutilized site at Biscayne Landing into a development of more than 4,000 residences, parks, and retail with more than 800,000 square feet of retail space, with a town center to serve thousands of residents and visitors from surrounding areas.

Thirty-seven acres of the project will be devoted to recreation, community and open space, including two parks and a 10,000 square foot modern meeting and social community center.

“We are extremely excited to move ahead on the Biscayne Landing project,” stated Michael Tillman, Vice President of Oleta Partners. “Biscayne Landing will positively impact the future of the City of North Miami, its residents, and nearby communities by creating hundreds of jobs and generating millions of dollars in annual sales and tax revenues.”

As part of the beginning phase of construction, Oleta Partners selected DC Equipment, a firm located in the City of North Miami with more than 16 years of experience in the construction industry, as the designated contractor to begin the first of many construction activities, including preparations for the spine road on Biscayne Boulevard and 143rd Street.

“We are very honored to have been selected to work on Biscayne Landing, a project that is of monumental importance to our city,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, President of DC Equipment. ”We look forward to working with Oleta Partners in making the Biscayne Landing project a reality.”

At the onset of the project, Oleta Partners established a Local Preference Office (LPO) to provide job placement opportunities to North Miami residents with contractors working at Biscayne Landing, identify and assist qualified local vendors interested in participating in the project, and offer vocational education and outreach assistance with an occupational training component to enable greater resident participation.

The DC Equipment contract is expected to create several new jobs for local City of North Miami residents and represents the first of several hundred new construction jobs that will become available to City of North Miami residents over the next ten years.