Cranes Collapse At Vice, Gran Paraiso During Hurricane Irma

Two construction cranes have toppled due to Irma’s hurricane force winds.

The first went down at the recently topped off Vice, a 31-story rental tower.

A second has gone down in Edgewater. Video posted on Social Media appears to show it at the 53-story Gran Paraiso, which had reached the 49th level as of August 7.

vice site:

gran paraiso:

Gran Paraiso crane:

(photo:Gideon J. Apé/twitter)


(photo: @nesumosa/twitter)




(photo: miamihazmat1/instagram)

Holy shit ! #crane #miami #downtownmiami #brickell #irma

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other cranes have been unlocked and allowed to spin freely, in order to prevent toppling:


Cranes are moving fast in Wynwood this morning #irma #hurricaneirma

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Anonymous concerned citizen
Anonymous concerned citizen

I live across the street from this project. I was home when the crane came down. The crane still hangs in the balance. However, the things that we thrown from the crane (the operator’s cab/car) landed in the courtyard next to The Loft 1. If this cab had hit the building or anyone on the ground, it would have been disastrous. My opinion: the owners/builders don’t want to spend any money to take these things down, even if a cat 4 or 5 storm is headed in their direction. Isn’t a life or lives more important than a builders’ bottom line? You tell me…hmmm


Don’t assume all owners/builders don’t want to spend money for safety. Some of us did in fact take down our cranes because we were able to get an assit crane onsite in time before the storm to do so. It’s not as easy as snapping one’s finger and throwing money at it. If there isn’t available assist cranes before the storm because others booked them first, you’re out of gas no matter the money you throw at it. Tall tower cranes take time to bring up and are just as hard to take down fast.


I realize that a lot of you on here are conservative but this is a great example of why we need regulations in general. Great thing it didn’t fall over any of the other buildings. Great timing for Panorama Tower to have its cranes brought down. Imagine that collapsing. Lesson from this is we need to make regulations that either have these cranes disassembled or made stronger when hurricanes hit the area.


Regulations are rules that keep us safe. Of course the corporations don’t want rules that impede their profits. There’s been a campaign to convince the ignorants of this country that all regulations are bad. Let’s just do away with stop lights and stop signs too then- those are regulations. Let’s see how safe we are then.


Crane’s still hanging around at Paraiso. Shouldn’t they remove it?