Construction Permit For Watson Island Mega-Project May Be Days Away

Island Gardens may be just days away from being granted a construction permit.

Records show that the developer has a phased foundation permit pending. A separate as-built has been filed in an attempt to legalize The Deck at Island Gardens, a lounge that has already been completed.

Earlier this year, the developer filed a lawsuit against Stephen Herbits and a group called Coalition Against Causeway Chaos. The suit says that the group has been obstructing the project for more than a decade.

Separately, a super-yacht marina sub-contractor has threatened a lawsuit against Flagstone and their contractor over unpaid bills.


An email from Coalition Against Causeway Chaos:

Watson Island Action Update

Unless you want your commute time between Miami and Miami Beach on the MacArthur increased by as much as 40 minutes we urge you to email or call your Commissioner immediately.

Here’s why:

Any day now Miami bureaucrats could issue a permit to begin construction on the Watson Island mega-development located smack in the middle of the MacArthur Causeway.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has rejected a 2004 traffic study the bureaucrats are relying on to grant permission to build:

“More than a decade has passed since [Flagstone’s] traffic study and traffic volumes and the roadway network have chaned” and the project “has been dormant for so long”

Other experts are also saying “No!”

Here’s why you need to contact your Commissioner and ask them to demand a current study and a public hearing on the traffic effects of this mega-development.
FDOT and other experts worry that in the rush to begin this project before a May 1 deadline the City’s bureaucrats are relying on 13 year old data. Ignoring the fact that Miami has grown and changed.
The increased traffic volume from this mega-project threatens public safety (ambulances, fire and evacuation)
The increased traffic will strangle access between the City and the Beach adding major inconvenience and costs to residents…employee commutes…businesses…events…and visitors.
In short, traffic strangulation of this potential magnitude threatens us all and our economy.
Today the Coalition Against Causeway Chaos sent a detailed letter to Miami Commissioners today informing them that as currently proposed the Flagstone Watson Island project violates State law

It must not proceed without a proper traffic study