Construction Underway At 35-Story Miami Plaza, Will Include 435 Apartments

Melo Group’s Miami Plaza now appears to be under construction.

A photo uploaded by shell contractor L&R Structural Corporation to social media shows that foundation equipment was at Miami Plaza project site yesterday.

Work is starting just as Melo begins pre-leasing for Art Plaza, which includes 667 apartments in twin 35-story towers. Groundbreaking there took place in November 2017, with move-ins scheduled for mid 2019.

Pricing at Art Plaza starts at $1,600.

When completed, Miami Plaza will rise 35 stories, or 370 feet tall.

It will include 425 apartments, 5,064 square feet of retail and 508 parking spaces.



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Miami Plaza… Coming Soon.

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Go Melo, thank you for developing areas that have been derelict for decades and letting locals live near the urban core. They’re like a woman who cooks, cleans and does everything you want, but not the prettiest but still does a great job.


LOL.. You won’t fall head over heals, but can learn to love her.

A. Nonymous

Or heels.


Both.. LOL


exactly lol


Love Melo’s efficiency and the fact they always build in blighted areas. I do wish however that they incorporated more retail into their buildings. Regardless, can’t wait to see what becomes of this empty but growing neighborhood the next decade.


With this amount of density between Melo’s 4 towers and Canvas/filling station, Parc Lofts, retail & bar/restaurant owners should be looking at this area as a big opportunity


Esotico cocktail bar/ tropical restaurant, the Spot Barbershop, Vice City Bean, it’s got trendy offerings coming in


Melo district/Omni area coming together.


Theses will be the affordable apartments in 5-10 years. Glad Melo moving forward.


In 5-10 years, the A&E District will be connected to Downtown via Worldcenter. The prices will necessarily skyrocket, and Melo will move to revitalizing cheaper pastures like West Overtown and Allapattah.


I am so happy this project is off the ground. I drove by it this past weekend and was thrilled to see that the Willard Hotel was finally gone, erased from existence. That was an eye sore since I moved to Miami and that was back in the 90’s. So glad that the historical society was not able to save it. Now we will have a modern tower in its place. Way to go Melos, keep it coming!


Now we will have a damn box with cheap, ugly randomly-sized balconies plastered all over it. I doubt it will stand the test of time like the Willard Hotel did, and it’s just as well.


The Willard was filled with drug users, dealers, and prostitutes with one of them getting killed in of those rooms. Get your head out of the sand, if that is standing the test of time than I am glad this building won’t do that… Idiot!

Too many slumlords

Williams? Who owned it? Don’t blame history. Blame slumlords.


Willard not Williams, learn to read! Yet another idiot.


Melo, that 70’s developer.


How many apts in the 1400$ acre coming online??

ricky ricardo

would love it if they focused on mixed-use more. their retail is basura. don’t just bring people to the neighborhood. create things for them to do.


How much does Melo pay y’all for the nice words? This website slurps Melo anytime they’re mentioned.


I’m not paid, but I am a fan of the Melo’s. While Related and others were building towers for the foreign rich in Brickell and the Beach, the Melo’s looked to the neglected urban core, and started building up Edgewater, Omni, etc. and improved these neighborhoods for the locals.


That’s all fine and true, but at some point they need to be taken to task for the quality of their projects. Related certainly isn’t the standard, but Melo’s quality is really sub-par.


Agree with you there.. Quality is low and I hope it reflects in the prices.


Agreed their product is sub par, and residents have to make a real compromise for a more attainable rent, why don’t they soundproof/insulate their walls better? you can hear the neighbors even when they’re using their whisper voice..


There is nothing worse than that! When living in the newly renovated North Tower of the Flamingo years ago I always heard everything with the neighbors and even heard them fart! Soundproofing is desperately needed.


You sound like every other person in Miami who wants quality for a cheap price. If you want sushi you can go to Nobu or to Moshi Moshi but guess what you get what you pay for. Every city needs luxury high rises as well as apartment complexes that are affordable for the lower middle class and that is what Melo provides, plain and simple. If you are rich than go buy a condo at 1000 Museum. If you don’t but you still want to live in downtown, these projects are your other options.

Miami needs more parks

Because the Melo’s buy cheap land.