Construction Underway At Metro Mall In Downtown Miami: Plans Revealed For Multi-Level Jewelry Center

Downtown Miami’s 94-year-old Metro Mall is getting a complete renovation that will convert the building into a large jewelry center.

A gut demolition of the building is now underway, and construction is expected to be completed in Spring 2021 with a total of 225,000 square feet of space.

Total cost of the renovation is $35 million.

The project is being developed by Time Century Holdings LLC, led by Yair Levy. The company acquired the building in 2018.

“There is no other jewelry center like this in Florida,” said Levy. “We gutted the entire interior of the building so we could have a blank canvas to start new with our own design. I traveled around the world visiting iconic buildings to find inspiration for Metro Mall’s design and finishes. Our goal has always been to bring the building back to its glory days. Jewelry stores will operate from a state-of-the-art center while shoppers of luxury fine jewelry will have a dazzling experience. It will be a win-win situation for jewelers and consumers.”

Metro Mall’s will cater to jewelry wholesalers, retailers, craftsmen and repair services with flexible floor plans. The new jewelry center will consist of four floors of luxury jewelry retail and wholesale space, and four additional floors of offices. A large three-story atrium with newly designed escalators and computerized directories will direct customers throughout all levels, and most tenants will have unobstructed views of their store signs viewable from the main floor. The mall will have glass storefronts, soaring ceilings, escalators and elevators, valet parking and state-of-the-art security, and is already attracting prospective local and national tenants.

“We have already signed leases with high-profile jewelry stores who realized they and their customers deserve better,” said Levy. “That’s why I saw a great opportunity to innovate to capture a large share of the jewelry industry.”

Levy has over 50 years of retail experience, and is handling leasing in-house

Kobi Karp is the architect overseeing the renovations.

Miami’s jewelry district is home to over 500 jewelry stores in a four-block radius. The district generates more than $1 billion in sales annually.

Here’s what Richards Department Store (Metro Mall) looked like after it’s 1950s era modernization and before it closed in 1980:

This is what it looked like when it was built, when it was Cromer Cassel in 1926:

Photo by Wm. Fishbaugh, Collection of Florida State Archives.


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But… but… Mana said it’s very difficult to do a building renovation.


It’s great this building is being renovated, and all the jewelry retailers being consolidated in the same location.


Great addition to the area great use of space. Mana said it was impossible!

Danny Costa

Can’t wait to do a heist here in GTA VI


Isn’t there an jewelry mall across the street. They even have like two underground stores in that mall. This new one probably will get most of their retailers from there.


The Seybold building


If anyone wants to know why Mana is despised by so many, go have a look at the west side of the MetroMall. Mana bought the SuperKids Building some years ago when they had tenants in that strip. Fast forward to now and the entire block is shuttered, the homeless have taken over the storefronts and theres graffiti everywhere. The buildings are in horrific condition as well.

This was an area that was doing much better in the recession. He singlehandidly destroyed this stretch of blocks and now, per usual, were waiting on other developers to do something with their land while this little rat turns entire blocks into something from the South Bronx circa 1980.


That way, he can sell and not have to worry about buying any of the businesses out first.


Game changer!!


It would’ve been nice if some effort went into restoring the facade to its 1926 appearance, or at least 1945 when it was Richards (Miami’s Gimbels to Macy’s). The stripped post-1951 alteration made this building utterly unremarkable.


Any picture of the original facade?


I’d like to see a picture of the original too. That said, this latest renovation is a giant improvement over the current forbidding exterior.

Realtalk Reilly

Maybe you missed it, or maybe they added the picture since you posted, but up top there is a photo of the original facade circa 1926.

I guess in the 1950’s when ornate buildings were out and plain, boxy ones were in, they put a flat facade on over the original one to make it look more contemporary?

If all those original architectural details are still under there, they definitely need strip the outer panels and restore it back to that look.


Thanks TNM for going back and adding the older pictures. I like the 1926 facade best too.


This is GREAT! excelente noticia!


Wow! It’s beautiful. This is a real game changer.

Realtalk Reilly

Well, I guess it’s my turn to be the guy who pees on the parade.

A shiny new jewelry mall does not seem like a brilliant idea, considering that those dreaded millennials are notorious for placing considerably less value on expensive jewelry than previous generations did.

Because of that trend, the difficulties facing jewelry retailers are twofold. First, the general decline in desire for precious gemstone jewelry among the younger market obviously impacts sales. And second, because of that decline in interest, the jewelry that millennials inherit from their mothers and grandmothers ends up on the resale market, further driving prices down.


There is already an jewelry mall across the street doing well. I noticed its filled people trying to buy cuban links and tourist. So I would say south florida has the market for this new mall.


E commerce will even kill the jewellery business in the future.
Glad this is happening, but bring a high end resort destination casino to downtown Miami.
That would be a game changer.


let it go degenerate gambler sheesh


I’ve been to casinos and not gambled in them. Casinos usually offer more than just gambling in them.