Guitar-Shaped Hotel Now Under Construction At Hard Rock Casino In Hollywood

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has broken ground on a massive expansion that includes a 36-story hotel in the shape of a guitar.

The project includes:

  • 800 new hotel rooms in the guitar-shaped tower
  • Overwater bungalows (similar to those in Bora Bora) where high rollers can live for extended stays
  • A new $100 million pool and pool bar area – the second at the resort
  • New nightclub, restaurants, shops, and Hard Rock Cafe
  • Expansion of casino, buffet

There will be a total of 1,273 hotel rooms upon completion.

Staff say that the resort is pushing for completion by early 2020 – in time for the Super Bowl, which will be played at Hard Rock Stadium just down the turnpike.


the outdoor shopping and entertainment area is being demolished to make way:

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Good for them, it looks like it will be lots of fun to stay there. I can still remember vividly back in 2003 when there was so much concern that building the Hard Rock in Hollywood would bring crime and despair to the area. Give me a break. Same crap is being said today about Genting in Miami, just build it, trust me the world will not end.


The area around Hard Rock is pretty lousy…


not only is the hard rock area lousy, and hasn’t changed for the better since they opened, but look at all the other major casinos of broward. Same thing all those neighborhoods are lousy and nothing positive has come out of allowing slot machines at existing parimutuels. I remember the excitement when people voted for that and it’s been meh, ever since. That’s because the people who frequent casinos never venture outside of them to spend anything, assuming they have any money left after the casino squeezes them dry.


“not only is the hard rock area lousy, and hasn’t changed for the better since they opened,”

So, those neighborhoods were already lousy before the Hard Rock Casino opened and it’s the Indians fault they’re still lousy?

Imagine that, somebody white now expects Indians to be some kind of saviors.


only two of the casinos are operated by “indians” as you refer to them as. The rest are operated at horse and dog tracks, owned (I assume) by “white” people as you refer to them as. pro tip: switch to decaf


That area was the same before the Hard Rock, my point was that building the casino did not make it worse, but it did create a destination that many people enjoy going to, even those who never gamble such as myself.


Exactly, this casino is a great place to go for a night of fun. Also it has become a major international poker destination bringing the top players from around the world 2-3 times per year. I think something like this in Miami would be awesome, I can only see bringing jobs and money to the city.


Tacky as hell.


” overwater bungalows inspired by those in bora bora ”

Awesome! Rock it !.


Are you out of your mind? Are you going to compare Bora Bora with that alligator infested lake in the middle of the Everglades?


The pools will have bungalows on them not the lake itself. Completely separate water bodies. Also the lake is an irrigation lake in no fashion connected to everglades, so no gators there either.


lol, try keeping gators out of any lake


I hate everything about this.


Let Broward have the gambling. The ones in Miami do not better the neighborhoods and I’m sure Genting will not bring Monoco style clients


Exactly my view as well. Like it or not, casinos bring a very distinct clientele and Miami simply does not need that. In fact, I think opening the flood gates to casinos down here will be harmful to the City’s development and growth away from being so heavily service industry focused.


If they built the neck and had each of the strings lit up that would be awesome


I want that tacky design as far away from Miami as possible

City Commissioner

A Guitar Shaped Building?!?!?!. This reminds of the Mickey Mouse Club House.


It WILL be awesome but a looong construction phase for the next 2 + years is pretty scarey for the employees …..and all the other employees that have been laid off in the Paradise area because their jobs are literally being demolished !


Too bad they are not building the neck part of it,it could be another 40 floors.Then it would be quite spectacular and unique.


I don’t get haters.. this is amazing.. and it would be even more amazing waterfront facing the bay in Miami.. with people like you Miami would be a sh*tty place