Construction Underway At PMG’s 464-Unit Vice

Construction crews have broken ground on the 36-story downtown rental known as Vice (a new name is expected to be announced soon).

When completed in summer 2018, the project will include 464 units. Prices will be above $3 per square foot, or $1,800 for a one bedroom.

Each apartment will have a bluetooth system to place phone calls and play music along with an Apple TV, according to The Real Deal. There will also be a double-decker pool deck and an oversize 7,000 square foot gym.

To launch the property, developer PMG will hold a Downtown Block Party Bash at 243 Northeast Third Street, the site of the project. The event is taking place Thursday, June 2nd from 7-10pm and will include live bands, beer gardens and food trucks.

Renderings by ArX Solutions

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I like the name, the design and the amenities as well. With a downtown block party bash ? live bands, beer gardens and food trucks ? I love PMG. lol. So cool.


Let’s see a picture of the “double Decker Pool Deck”!


Food trucks, I am in.



I didn’t like the comment “more idiot NY’ers” on one of the posts. I feel that we (ex NY’ers) get things done a lot better and much more quickly than the locals, who think that if it gets done tomorrow (manana) instead of today, that’s ok. Urgency is key these days, and with more “idiot Ny’ers” here in Miami, your standard of living will most likely increase. Just an opinion. Yeah, it’s a better opinion as I am from NY!


I have lived in Miami almost all my life and I take no offense to what your saying. You are correct.


I am from DC but I have lived in Miami since the 90’s and I completely agree with you SK.


Are the first and second rendering the same building?

Yet Another Anonymous

Yeah really? And what a giant parking block.


Yes, different angle.


I hope the parking garage ends up looking like the 2nd rendering rather than the first (mesh rather than featureless walls). Is that 20-story garage just for Vice or will it double as parking for the 1049-footer as well?


That garage looks HUGE! Like the one on Panorama. I agree hopefully they clad it well, those graphics are not integrated into the design well at all…. No offense, but try again guys.


Off topic, why do people get so emotional when commenting on Real Estate articles? I am sure that none of us know truly enough even to have a solid opinion. Let’s see if there are emotional responses to my comment.


I sense a hint of racism in your comment. REPORTED.


Yikes, 600 Sq. Ft. one Bedroom apartments. That’s Tokyo small.


Does anybody know how many floors this building will be?




you must be a patient person


Why would anyone want to live in basically a 500 unit rental frat house at high rates so other people can know they live in a rental frat house, or just rent from a condo owner? Makes no sense. This design is garbage. A big, boring block. More idiot NY’ers. So over these developers coming in from NY with no market knowledge. Look how long it takes them to sell and market a building versus locals like Related, Terra, Melo, etc.