Contractors Drill To Record-Breaking Depths To Build Foundation For Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum

Contractors are digging deep to build the foundation for Zaha Hadid’s unique One Thousand Museum in downtown Miami.

Last week, crews completed the installation of an augercast pile that extends 155-feet below ground – the deepest ever in Dade County. Drilling extended as far as 160-feet below ground.

The work was performed by HJ Foundation under contract to Plaza Construction, the project’s General Contractor and under the supervision of Langan Engineering, the project Geotech Engineer.

Zaha’s complex design for the 62-story structure generates forces requiring an extra-deep foundation, according to the developer.

One Thousand Museum is the first skyscraper designed by Pritzker-award winning Hadid in the Western hemisphere.


(photos: one thousand museum)