Contractor For 31-Story Downtown Miami Tower Says They Will Begin Work Soon

Downtown Miami’s 31-story Grand Station tower could be under construction soon, contractors say.

Shell contractor L&R Structural announced on social media this week that the Grand Station tower was “coming soon” after they were hired by General Contractor Ortega Construction.

L&R also works as the shell contractor for Melo Group projects.

City records show that the construction permit was first applied for in March 2018. Plans have been reworked 13 times in an attempt to get approval, most recently as last week, and final approval is now close.

The project will include 300 apartments and 5,000 square feet of retail in a 31-story, 322-foot tower.






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Coming Soon… thank you to Ortega Construction for giving us this opportunity.

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Nice infill, great location for rentals…


great project… now if only the would start tearing down the china shop stores and actually put retail residents will visit.


Seriously, is this not the BEST, most informative, well written real estate newsletter/blog in town. Cudos!!!


You misspelled kudos.


I hope you realize that a lot of these readers get more perturbed at you for pointing out the misspelling than the person doing the misspelling.


No balconies?




It would look better without the giant brown Tetris bars.


every single tower looks the same!!!


you need an eye check.. this is a very different concept.


I keep saying the same thing. I don’t think the city honchos read this forum, and of course they can’t figure it out on their own.

Shawn Kouri

Looks more like a hotel or office building. I think it should be one of the two.


whats the address?

Ding Dong

It looks like a building in the projects of Chicago, or the Bronx!


Ugly building no balconies does it have parking?? That area is scary …..noone will come shopping in downtown when you have brickellcitycenter walking distance, Miami people are lazy they dont like to walk… at 5 o’clock downtown is a ghosttown…….


Of course it has PARKING. We’d pave over paradise just to be able to store our cars. #ParkingForever!


Let’s see.. you said:

1. Ugly building

2. No balconies

3. does it have parking

4. That area is scary

5. No one will shop downtown because of BCC

6. Miami people are lazy and don’t like to walk

7. At 5:00 PM downtown is a ghost town

Helluva list, do you have anymore gripes?


This is exactly the type of project that turns that around. 300+ units is a lot of new residents to support new retailers, people walking around in the evenings and on weekends to increase the feeling of liveliness on the street, and more housing options for downtown workers to ditch their cars and walk to work from. Miami people that live in places where there’s no option to walk don’t like to walk. Tens of thousands of Miamians walk around Brickell and Downtown every single day. Someone has to pave the way, or do you propose that since the area isn’t lively now, no one should ever build anything to change that?