County In Negotiations With All Aboard Florida To Build New Courthouse

County officials are in talks with All Aboard Florida about a possible public-private partnership to build a new courthouse in downtown Miami, according to Miami Today.

Chief Judge Bertila Soto has been leading a campaign for new facilities. The County is currently spending $30 million to repair the existing courthouse which was built in 1925, but the court is said to have outgrown the current facilities. Dade is now the fourth largest judicial circuit in the country.

A deal with the county for a courthouse would add to a tangle of agreements that All Aboard already has or is negotiating with local, state and federal government agencies.




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7 years ago

Will make a great hotel…

7 years ago

I doubt it would stop being a courthouse or stop functioning as part of the judicial system.

Steven H
7 years ago

AS long as that Court House stays standing I am all for it. The county court is a mess. Also the Criminal Court house is not a great one either. A new court house for one of the two is needed. And UM law should move their campus downtown and make a deal with them too.

7 years ago

I think it is a great idea to partner with this company that will already be investing tons of money into downtown. This in turn will give MDC a much improved courthouse and AAF will get better terms on the deals they may have. Also, with the money that is being put into restoring the current courthouse, it will certainly maintain it’s status as such with in the MDC judicial complex, possibly serving other overflow functions from other areas within the system

7 years ago

The public is being bribed with its own money. The shameless land grabs that will result in Transit Oriented Corridors in conjunction with rail travel as the ONLY option will benefit the hedge fund Fortress and the Congress for New Urbanism in developing upward sprawl: HUD high density stack-and-packs and total government dependency.
So if you like your single family home and your car, you can keep it. Period.

Bright Light
7 years ago

Public private partnerships are always a bad idea.

Let’s ensure All Aboard Florida gets sweet subsidies so they can allocate a small portion of that to physical things the serfs can be fooled with.

7 years ago

That courthouse will make great lofts. only issue would be parking

7 years ago

Naw it should be a law school

7 years ago

Maybe dedicating a portion of it as our “City Hall “(in DT where most cities have them) would be an idea..

7 years ago

County should make deal with all abord florida to built them a new court house. the city of miami city hall should move in in the old court house. and David Beckham stadium be built in the Miami old city hall location in coconut grove, is next to the bay and you have the coconut grove metro rail station,then catch the trolly to the stadium.

6 years ago

Great idea