Court Could Clear The Way For Worldcenter To Move Forward At A Hearing Next Week

One of the last remaining obstacles to Miami Worldcenter could be resolved as soon as next week.

On Tuesday, a hearing has been scheduled in a lawsuit filed by Grand Central Lounge. The court could decide to throw out the case, which challenges Worldcenter’s development agreement with the city.

Paul Savage, an attorney representing Grand Central, filed the suit in December, which alleges that the public didn’t have enough time to review the agreement before it was approved in September.

After the lawsuit was filed, commissioners voted to approve the agreement for a second time in February, making certain that the public had time to review it. The city will now ask the court to throw out the suit, based on the new vote.

Savage received bad news a few weeks ago when another lawsuit that sought to impede Worldcenter was denied by an appellate court. In that suit, Brad Knoefler’s Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association challenged street closures that the city had approved for Worldcenter.

Some observers have said that the lawsuits, which have been filed by entities controlled by Knoefler, Aramis Lorie and Mark Lesniak, are simply an attempt to gain a payout from Worldcenter’s developers.