Crane Arrives At Elysee Site, Construction ‘Very Soon’

Construction could begin soon at Elysee, according to a broker for the project.

Broker Kinga Konsorska wrote on her Instagram that construction would begin “very soon,” after a crane arrived at the site yesterday.

Records show that a foundation permit has been approved, but hasn’t been pulled yet.

Konsorska told The Next Miami that work on the sea wall will begin within the next few weeks, with foundation work to begin in late March or early April.

The developers of the project are nearing completion of the nearby Biscayne Beach condo tower, with closings expected to begin in March, according to Konsorska.

Elysee will include just 100 units in a 60-story tower, with a telescoping design. Arquitectonica is the architect.


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wow….edgewater is on fire!!….beautiful project


Congratulations are in order for Arquitectonica for designing this elegant looking tower.


Pleasantly surprised by architectonica’s design for once.


Love it! Something different.


I have to admit this is a beautiful building.
Way to go Architectonica!!!!
Glad to see your design changed from the boxed square with juxtaposed balconies


Unique, I like it.. I haven’t seen this design in Miami.


This buildings would look much nicer upside- down.


I love Edgewater…… very soon will be a completely different area !!!! Finally visionaries developers and investors have discovered its potencial …. the location is equidistant to best other hot and important areas , mix of zoning , and more ….


Indeed a lover good architect. I agree with you, very hot design. A tremendous monument! Oh yes…and the high rise is pretty nice too.


LOL. Fraudulent PR stunt. 7 months later – nothing!


Definitely a PR stunt but project is a go.

Luis Herrera

arquitectonica, i just cant believe it, are there no other design firms in miami?


just passed by….no crane…


maybe you should go again, the photos are taken onsite


No crane. That was a one time photo op. I walk by there everyday.