Crescent Heights Cancels 50-Story Alton Road Tower, Goes Back To Old Plan

Crescent Heights is reverting to original plans for the 500 and 600 block of Alton Road, scrapping a plan for a 50-story tower at the site after opposition from the mayor and residents.

The developer is asking a city board to extend the original project approval for an additional year and allow the project to be built in two phases.

Crescent Heights principal Russel Galbut told TRD that plans for the 600 block of Alton would remain the same, and that he was moving forward ‘immediately’ on 445 rental apartments and 60,000 square feet of commercial space. Galbut was also quoted in the article as saying that a ‘more subdued park’ and ‘smaller tower’ would be built in the 500 Block.


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