Crescent Heights Cancels 50-Story Alton Road Tower, Goes Back To Old Plan

Crescent Heights is reverting to original plans for the 500 and 600 block of Alton Road, scrapping a plan for a 50-story tower at the site after opposition from the mayor and residents.

The developer is asking a city board to extend the original project approval for an additional year and allow the project to be built in two phases.

Crescent Heights principal Russel Galbut told TRD that plans for the 600 block of Alton would remain the same, and that he was moving forward ‘immediately’ on 445 rental apartments and 60,000 square feet of commercial space. Galbut was also quoted in the article as saying that a ‘more subdued park’ and ‘smaller tower’ would be built in the 500 Block.


Previously: Mayor: 50-Story Alton Road Condo Doesn’t Meet Planning Regulations


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7 years ago

Not surprised. The site isn’t zoned for anything near the proposed size.

7 years ago

Horrible. They should have built the tower. Mostly rich people with part time vacation homes would have filled that and not a burden on the traffic. Now hundreds of middle class renters with 2 cars in each flat will live in these ugly building and they will clog the West ave and Alton. Effin mindless people of Miami Beach who say NO to everything with out thinking. Also the Tower would have given us 3 acres of public park. Now you get jack. Eff you all who campaigned to derail the tower.

7 years ago

Are you serious?

A building that’s used for living instead of a place to park cash? Such a horrible thing…

7 years ago

dude,if any brains,they could have offered to donate the part of property for the Baylink MB terminal,which MB Cityhall tried to get going couple of months ago on the Pier One -Burger king properties with no success.This would have benefited the public transportation,the developer, plus traffic,(absentee owners-less cars) and maybe a park everybody is so desperate for.And the nice tower.Gona need some serious bucks,mostly taxes, to start paying for the global warming effects,like the Alton Road floods.

7 years ago

This is South Florida where people with power never think out of the box.

7 years ago

THIS IS SO UGLY! How can we protest this monstrosity! Regardless of whether or not the tower is built, this is prime location. This is what every tourist travelling all around the world sees as soon as they reach South Beach. It looks like some cheap generic non-distinct office/medical building that can be found literally ANYWHERE in South Florida.