Crescent Heights Proposes Residential Towers Across From Arsht Center

Crescent Heights is proposing a project that would be partially built on School Board land across from the Arsht Center, according to documents obtained by The Next Miami.

The developer wants to take control of about an acre of School Board land at 1370 Northeast 2nd Avenue, which will be combined with an adjacent lot Crescent Heights owns to form a two acre site.

The project could rise up to 60 stories, with up to 1,000 residential units and 1,600 parking spaces to be built.

Crescent Heights wouldn’t pay any cash upfront for the land. Instead, Crescent Heights will deed over 600 parking spaces to the board, which the developer says is worth $24 million in present value at $40,000 apiece (and which may generate $1-2m annually over 25 years).

The developer intends to sign a deal for the spaces with the Arsht Center to provide parking for the performing arts hall, with revenue going to the school board.

Bids were due on February 2.





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Very nice for the immediate area. Now how about some more “Arts and Entertainment” for the arts and entertainment district? Music venue along the size of the old Grand Central or the Fillmore on the beach anyone?


definitely agree about the music venue–I’m still hoping that the rumored Brooklyn Bowl @ Miami Central pans out.


1306 is near there and its amazing


They need an House of Blues !

Long MIA

No. Live Nation, which operates the Fillmore and the Klipsch at Bayfront owns and operates the HOB brand. Miami doesn’t need another LN venue, and LN doesn’t need another venue in Miami.


600 spaces for public use in a garage that will be neatly inserted into a condo tower and thus eliminating the need for a standalone parking garage.. genius. Easy access to other venues within CBD/Brickell via existing mass transit, check… Low cost of ownership (no real maintenance since the structure is below two condo towers) Check… Sounds like a good use of existing public land with little or no out of pocket expense to tax payer… Check…


Very interesting design and the location is good, it is time for construction to keep going west of Biscayne Blvd. This entire area is about to change for the better.


And almost forgot, one block closer to demolishing the nasty Willard Garden Hotel. That piece of crap has been an eye sore for years!


Yeah, I remember back in the 90’s a serial killer killed 3 prostitutes who lived at the Willard Garden. That place has to go.


Miami’s history of demolishing historic buildings is even more barbaric than a serial killer killing prostitutes. The Willard Hotel dates to 1923, and it’s not the building’s fault that it is derelict. It would be nice to see the hotel restored and incorporated into a new solid-looking development, like the Sears Department Store tower for the Arsht Center. Heritage encompasses more than present-day appearances.


buildings vs human life … are you serious ???


By human life, you mean a serial killer and prostitutes? Also, plenty of hotels have had shady pasts are doing doing just fine.


Prostitutes aren’t human?


No but why should dead lowlifes be prioritized over a building. Sorry, but if a meth cook causes an explosion destroying a building and dies, I’d feel more sorry for the building.


As far as I can research the Willard is not a Historic designated building. There are some buildings that should be preserved, like the Sears tower (In that case it was because it was the first store and the tallest structure in Miami at the time it was built, hence the historic designation), and there are those that should not. With the new zoning changes in Overtown, it is the air rights value that makes developer like the Melos purchase and develop projects. I am not against keeping historic buildings as long as it has historical value (that determination is not made by me or anyone here but by the preservation society, which is not the case here). Just because something was built in the 20’s does not mean it should be preserved.


When did I say the building was designated? It wouldn’t be so much of an issue if that was the case. Miami has many entire historic areas which crucially should have designation like Riverside, Shenandoah, and Shorecrest. The issue is preservation societies don’t have any teeth when it comes to most foreign one-size-fits-all developers, and a arbitrary and capricious government.

With that being said, you likely don’t know where any the areas I listed are. Also, your claim the Sears tower was the first department store or tallest building in Miami shows how much you know about the city. You probably subscribe to the false narrative it was a small hick town before the Hispanics came.


Great idea and great location. Ugly design though. Hopefully this is not the final product.


Gorgeous plans! It would be a welcome addition to the Arts and Entertainment District!

anonymous rex

love this


After the park is built infront of the arscht center on biscayne, the iconic bridge, and if this development goes through, all is left is the two lots on 6th and 7th biscayne plus maybe madera deal this will make biscayne Blvd AAA properties.


The best part is that it is not by Arquitectonica nor Related….i need a break from this duo, the cookie cutter design, the waves, the hideous patterns, the so called art or rainbow diarrhea…enough!!! Miami is way too infested with the same ‘cool wannabe buildings’ or bad ‘intends to be glitzy’.


Great concept, design, and a big improvement for the Omni area.. please approve and build it!


Love the green balconies, hopefully is part of the design and not just a way to seduce our eyes. I absolutely love the simple pedestal with not much artificial fuss just glass and retail….please build it!!


Way to go Perkins and Will..!!! Great job, hope it gets built.


Will be nice finally seeing some density in this area, instead of the gaping holes.

sprekenzi deutch?

We’re all missing one thing here. Crescent Heights will never build this. Russell Galbut owns nearly 10 acres of land on Biscayne Boulevard and hasn’t delivered a new construction to Biscayne in his many years of ownership. He just likes to control dirt so he can control people. Give it to the Melos for free for cryin out loud. At least they’ll just build something.

City Commissioner

That’s exactly the problem in MIAMI, at the end of the day…The’ll just build something, anything!


How about light rail on Biscayne instead of another 1600 parking spaces. All these spaces add up and our streets are already clogged. Let’s get *people* moving and build transit.


They intend to extend Metro Mover up to the Design District via N Miami Ave in the SMART plan.


The Metromover already goes to this area which is probably one of the reasons why there are so many projects in the works, but yes it should keep going up north all the way to Midtown.


And Aventura




Gorgeous design
It will help bring life to this dull, deserted area


I absolutely love the design, it is so contemporary and fresh. Great addition to the area and seem to have an entire block of retail which is an asset.


600 parking spaces might generate $1-2 million annually? Dang.

I’m all for infill and development in northern and western downtown.

Long MIA

School Board got at least 2 bids on this RFP. I know of 1 other.


The irregular windows are awful. Even Melo’s adjacent project plays it safe for a box. We need something with articulation or curves commensurate to the architectural merit of Cesar Pelli’s Arsht Center.