Crescent Heights Wants To Build New Miami-Dade Civil Courthouse

Crescent Heights is working on plans to build a new or expanded civil courthouse for Miami-Dade County, and possibly restore the existing building.

The current courthouse was built in 1928 and has been described as too small and outdated. Although most judges want the building replaced, voters rejected a $540 million replacement plan in 2014.

Another company that counts Crescent Heights principal Russell Galbut as an investor has a case pending in the existing courthouse, and opposing counsel is arguing that the judge may be biased by the potential new courthouse.

On January 3, Galbut’s lawyer filed a motion in that case, confirming the courthouse negotiations. The motion states:

  • Crescent Heights, has been in communications with the Mayor’s Office, the Clerk of Court for Miami-Dade County, and members of the Dade Heritage Trust, for over a year to assist the County, offer a solution, for the overburdened civil courthouse and possibly develop an expanded courthouse project.

  • Mr. Galbut became involved in this endeavor mainly because Crescent Heights owns an interest in an adjoining piece of property across from the civil courthouse which could conceivably solve the county’s need for expanded space at the courthouse.

Florida Bulldog first reported on the possible new project. The website quotes a judge who states that the plans are “preliminary” but “gaining steam.”





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Some developer will buy this building and make a condo out of it


Great interiors for condos.
Will love the high ceilings.


i would be one of the first in line….love the building!


Great building for a nice hotel like the Edition or Public to change the area dramatically…after all it is line with the new revamped Flagler Street. I totally see it with jazz bars, restaurants, small theaters…just next to our Grand Central Station a just a few blocks from Miami World Center


I like the hotel idea very much. There is a small park west side of the court and the old art museum could become retail like an Eataly or some kind of food market or even a massive Restoration Hardware Gallery. The rest of the crappy buildings could be redeveloped and any developer should take advantage of the relatively low prices in this area of downtown compared to Brickell. I honestly think it has a lot of potential.


And then we have our very own Flatiron District…love it


I heard once Ian Shrager was looking a hotel site in the downtown area and as many of his projects are old building restoration and convertions to hotels and he has been hugely successful


It even looks like The NYC Edition


Please don’t let this vampire anywhere near our courthouse unless he’s prepared to totally restore it.


I hope they keep the exterior architecture design. It has that old NYC feel to it.


The real question is what is Mana the developer going to do with all the properties he owns in that area


Didn’t they just redo the exterior to bring it back to its original integrity?


The interior is the issue. It’s guts are rotting per the people working there. I like the hotel idea.

Micco Mann

Could be an interesting hotel or condo/apts but a new courthouse should be built at the Grand Central Station, ie., a build-to-suit as part of a multi-use project already under construction.


I love old buildings. They give cities character and charm. The Dade county courthouse is one of my favorite buildings in the city. I’ll be damned if any developer has any “plans” for nonsense on this historic gem. Leave it alone.


Stunning architecture. Forget Edition, ACE hotel is what we need. They are true trailblazers and do not yet have a location in Miami


I like the idea of converting the courthouse into a hotel and condos, but why not city hall? It’s the right size to consolidate all the departments from the Riverside Center complex and Coconut Grove. Freedom Tower, the Biscayne Building, Seybold Building, etc. are far better suited for boutique hotels.


Too old, COMPLETE gut or teardown. No hotel, no apartments.


But then you should take a look at the work they are currently doing:

To me, the interior or the areas they have restored look amazing for a hotel


Can’t be torn down it’s historic. Also it’s nice to maintain the history of a city.
I think a great use would be for hotel (Langford style but more elegant).

Yet Another Anonymous

That is very false, It only has the basic NRHP designation, far from a National Historic Landmark. Even so, neither of those prevent private property from being changed or demolished. It’s written very clear in the eligibility forms. Historic PROTECTION is something completely different and more rare.