Dade Agency Gets Over $100,000 In Revenue For Each Homeless Person

Dade County’s Homeless Trust had $55 million in revenue last year – a 25% increase in just two years, partially funded by tax money.

That equates to over $130,000 in revenue for each homeless person in Dade (as pointed out by Peter Ehrlich), according to a census conducted earlier this year that spanned from the Broward County line to Homestead. In that study, 4,152 sheltered and unsheltered homeless were documented, with 1,007 living on the street. 

The Trust has come under fire from the DDA for being unable to clean up the streets of downtown. Last week, the DDA created a ‘poop map’ documenting sanitation issues in downtown Miami.

Most of the Trust’s budget goes to outside agencies such as Camillus House. Part of it is spent on placements for those who aren’t counted in the census.

Of the $55 million in revenue, about $20 million came from a food and beverage tax paid for by Dade residents and visitors. That number has been skyrocketing in recent years thanks to a booming local economy.