Dade Agrees To Turn Over 1300 Biscayne To FDOT For Signature Bridge

Dade commissioners voted unanimously yesterday to turn over a 1.38-acre parcel at 1300 Biscayne Boulevard to FDOT, which needs the land to build a signature bridge.

The land swap will give FDOT the necessary clearance for the bridge. In exchange, FDOT will give Dade a similarly sized piece of land just west of the property, where the county hopes to build a parking garage for the Arsht Center.

A deed restriction will be placed on FDOT’s new land, preventing the agency from building a permanent building that will block views from the Arsht Center.

Town Square Neighborhood Development Corporation has been lobbying for a public plaza to be built on the 1300 Biscayne property.

The proposed land exchange will accomplish the following:
• Provide FDOT with sufficient clearance to reconstruct I-395 with the planned signature bridge;
• Preserve the view corridor at the front of the Arsht Center’s Ballet Opera House by restricting future building on Parcel 171. The proposed deed for Parcel 171 includes the following restriction: “No permanent building shall be erected on the Property so as to obstruct, impede or block the sightline and View from, to and of the Performing Arts Center;” and
• Provide a nearby County-owned location suitable for the development of a park for community use and parking to serve the Arsht Center


dade gets this land from fdot: