Dade Mayor: Beckham Looking To Build Stadium On Private Land In City Of Miami

In an interview Tuesday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez spoke about what he last heard about Beckham’s soccer stadium:

  • It will be in the city of Miami
  • At least partially on private land
  • Working with the University of Miami


Q. Have you heard anything lately from David Beckham and his group about the MLS stadium, and where they would like to build it?
A. “I saw some renderings but they have got to work with the University of Miami and probably the city of Miami on it. It has been a month and a half since our meeting … the renderings were at a specific site. Some of it was private. (He declined to disclosed where.)
“They haven’t reached out since that meeting. They may be meeting with the city of Miami. The last time I spoke to them Marcelo Claure was talking about his company not his stadium. He’s the CEO of Sprint.”