Dade Politician Wants Chinese Consulate In Miami

Dade commissioner Juan Zapata has introduced a resolution directing County staff to develop a plan to establish a Chinese Consulate-General in Miami.

Zapata’s resolution cites ‘significant burden and hardship on Miami-Dade County residents to obtain a visa’, which is required for U.S. citizens to visit China.

China has requested permission to add additional consulates in the U.S. but has been blocked by the feds. A congressional committee has directed the State Department to block any new Chinese consulates until the Chinese government permits a U.S. consulate in Lhasa, Tibet.


(photo: flickr:  Peter_Mackey)

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Why is this commissioner Juan Zapata wasting workers time and our money on something that they have no control over? THis is clearly at the federal level that I don’t think they will care what he thinks/asks for. Let’s get a commissioner in there that uses his staff’s time efficiently.


This guy has a very good idea. I support locating a Chinese consulate in Miami not because it is so difficult to get a Chinese visa( its not that hard, plenty of companies do it in the Houston consulate, which covers Florida) but because it would encourage Chinese tourism and investment in Miami. I have many Chinese friends and non of them know where Miami is. They all know New York and Los Angeles but Miami is unknown. If there was a consulate here it would certainly attract tourist( Chinese tourist spend the most of any tourist when they travel) and investors (all of them want to invest in real estate but most go to New York). Also the issue with Tibet is complicated. On the one hand I agree that we should put pressure on China to open up Tibet, I think by limiting new consulates we are only hurting ourselves. There are better ways of encouraging human rights and freedoms in Tibet and China. Using consulates as hostages is not a good idea in my opinion.