David Grutman Files Plans To Build A 14,000 Square Foot Home On North Bay Road & Demolish A House Built In 1933

Miami nightlife mogul David Grutman has filed plans to build a waterfront home on North Bay Road.

The new home will be two stories with 14,011 square feet. The gross floor area including parking and all useable space is listed at 18,605 square feet.

According to the city of Miami Beach, the home currently on the property is considered historic and architecturally significant. It was built in 1933.

Grutman recently sold his home on Sunset Island IV, just across the water from where his now home is planned. The new home will have a better view of the water.

Because the home that will be demolished was built before 1942, the plans must be reviewed by the Miami Beach Design Review Board. It is scheduled for review at the board’s December 7 meeting.

CMA Design Studio is listed as the architect.

Raymond Jungles is doing landscape design, including a pond in front with a stone bridge, water wall, mangroves, and optional fish.


The existing home to be demolished. The listing states it was restored by Wallace Tutt and includes a recording studio: