Demolition Is Now Underway At Brickell Site Where 613-Foot Una Condo Tower Will Be Built

Work is now underway at the waterfront Brickell site where an ultra-modern condo tower called Una will be built.

City records show that a permit was granted final approval this morning, allowing for total demolition of an older condo building on the property.

Video uploaded to social media by Una in-house broker Monson Group showed a crane had arrived at the site earlier this week, and demolition work on the seawall had commenced.

An 11-story building on Biscayne Bay will be dismantled floor by floor to make way for the new tower.

The Una condo sales center had been located in the older building, but was moved last month to allow for the work to begin.

Una is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which also designed the world’s tallest tower.

The 46-story Una tower will rise 613 feet. A total of 135 condo units are being sold.


(photos and videos: monson group)

To be demolished:

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This is going to be a catalyst for south Brickell where most of the buildings are approaching 50 years old. I hope more developers are willing to buy out owners and create beautiful buildings such as this one. If anyone is listening please buy the Four Ambassadors, level it and build an iconic set of towers. The heart of Brickell deserves something better that these 4 eye sores.


you need some history lessons. Four Ambassadors is truly iconic. You have better luck with the parking garage.


I don’t need any history lessons thank you. I have lived in a number of buildings in Brickell including the Four Ambassadors and can tell you with first hand experience that it was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. The pluming is falling apart, the building is decrepit, and the electrical on the hallways is erratic. What exactly about these buildings is iconic professor? I doubt that even in 1968 when they were built, they were nothing more that 4 pudgy buildings overlooking a yet to be built Key Biscayne. Oh yeah, one last thing, what parking garage are you talking about? I think you better put down the weed, moderation is the key word.


Agree with you, very poor planning (mean floor plans, elevations, hallways, halls)


I wouldn’t take less than a mil for my units.

Sgt. Sapingo

So you have 10 units at Four Ambassadors?


Why not just update it ?


All these breathtaking buildings are outstanding for Miami.
This website’s name “The Next Miami” is appropriate.
This building is a far cry from the standard Del Boca Vista architecture of the past.


Gorgeous Design.


Love it. Keep building in South Brickell!


One of the most beautiful tower in Miami!


This is not the building demolition. They are installing a sheet pile wall with a new cap. To do that, you have to remove the top of the existing sea wall and drive in the new steel sheets. This is not the demolition starting. They are just doing some site work necessary for construction.

Olga Monson / monson Group

The entire pool deck has been demolished. I don’t why you don’t count it as a start of demolition. Yes, they are working on repairing the seawall and is something we have to do before we can proceed with the rest. The building is entirely empty except for the sales gallery. We are waiting for FPNL to cut power. U

Brickell rebirth

The steel sheet piles look like almost complete. They are moving quickly. Regarding the height of the building which is upsetting large residents of a neighboring Condo that are more favorable to selling now because of blocked views. A large number of renters in the Condo may not be happy to look at a 47 floor Condo blocking views. Progress will move on. Out with the old!

Oldest Condo on Brickell

This is the start of South Brickell construction. Noticed the huge property behind UNA which is generating interest. One idea is two huge buildings on Waterfront with Marina and a private park toward Brickell Ave. for residents. Sort of like Gramercy Park in NYC. Another idea floated is for the new owner of the almost 9 acres to sell off the property on Brickell side to other developers and just built the two waterfront buildings and Marina. Would be nice if UNA designer designs the property to match the UNA design. 2451 Brickell Ave. will certainly get a brand new face lift.


Maybe the developer will start buying out the neighboring mid-rises, and use construction sound and hazards as a catalyst, for two more towers!


Question for anyone with more knowledge than I have – how did this site get approved for such a tall building and doesn’t the underlying zoning allow for much less height than this? Why can’t the same be done on Brickell Bay Drive as here? Seems like there are plenty of buildings, arguably better located, that could be bought out like this one. Not a criticism, as I am very happy for and wish there were more new, beautiful developments like this in Miami proper, but just curious.


Take any building on Brickell Bay Dr. Odds are that it’s a condominium. That means that over 80% of individual unit [owners]s have to agree to sell, and less than 10% dissent.
In the 1/2 cases that I’ve worked on, some Resi Realtor gets a little group who nside their building and they want to hold out for more money than most people. The developer walks.


Since TNM isn’t updating – I hope they will- the existing 11 story building has been demoed completely! A virtual ground breaking has happened. Now they are clearing the site and preparing for construction.


I have no clue how tall 613 feet is. Can you please place the number of stories in your headlines. Thanks.