MIA’s Dilapidated Central Terminal Won’t Be Fully Demolished Until 2036

MIA’s Central Terminal has been badly outdated for decades, but Dade Aviation officials plan to keep it around for another 20 years.

According to a recent presentation obtained by TNM, the airport’s demolition schedule for the Central Terminal is as follows:

  • Concourse G/Check In Area – 2025
  • Main Central Terminal Check In Area – 2029
  • E Satellite – 2034
  • Lower E – 2035
  • Concourse F – 2036

Between now and the first demolition in 2025, the airport will spend $1.2 billion to keep the crumbling terminal usable, and on “enabling” projects such as new gates and utility work that will allow for demolition.

Most of the building dates back to the 1950s, and parts of the terminal lack infrastructure required in a modern airport. Virtually all of the gates are still in use though, thanks to a shortage of space at MIA.

Why not simply demolish the terminal and rebuild immediately, instead of spending over a billion to keep it viable for decades?

Airport officials say they haven’t properly planned for that. Utilities under the Central Terminal that feed the North and South Terminal need to be studied and relocated, extra gate capacity needs to be secured, and more financial planning is needed.


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5 years ago

The airport is definitely outdated. There are no escalators to go from the arrivals to the departure or the hall that goes to the transportation area. Concourse G reminds me of an old dillapitated Greyhound Bus Terminal. Not to mention there are no restaurants. God forbid your flight is delayed. You have to go out of the security area to get a bite to eat unless you want frozen pizza. It’s pitiful we have to wait 20 years for anything to happen

5 years ago

its every citizen who lives in Miami who shares responsibility for this third world airport….the same “officials” keep getting re-elected……

5 years ago

You act as if we had a choice between great “officials” and lousy ones, they are all the same.

5 years ago

good point……

5 years ago

Wait wait wait….you mean that Concourse E has already had renovations and they were JUST completed last year? You would never be able to guess that considering the place looks like a dump, with all of 2 options for dining. Some AA flights depart from there and when compared to the main concourse D, it feels like the third world. It needs to be demolished tomorrow, not 20 years from now.

5 years ago

Oh, please! It is so obvious it hurts. MIA just got through spending $6.4 billion to totally demolish numerous old concourses and replace them with the massive, new north and south terminals. During the years when these colossal projects were underway, somehow the airport kept functioning and passenger traffic stayed on a general upward trajectory.

It is long past time to just demolish the central terminal and replace it with a hyper-modern and efficient facility. Waiting twenty more years AND wasting more than a billion dollars to keep the hopelessly outdated and inefficient central terminal on life support is insane, especially while the airport is currently experiencing record traffic growth. Just spend the money to come up with an immediate rebuilding plan and then just get on with it! Honestly, even the average eight year old could see the simple logic in this.

5 years ago

Oh, so the reason you want to spend $1.2 billion on “updates” to a terminal you want to start demolishing and rebuilding shortly afterward, is because you didn’t plan for it?

I have a suggestion: F***ING PLAN FOR IT!

I’d rather you spend another $50 million to completely revise your plans than literally allow you to WASTE >$1.2 billion.

5 years ago

FLL with two brand new concourses under construction and all existing ones being renovated. Meanwhile at MIA….

5 years ago

Yea, lets just forget the two multi billion dollar terminals that have recently been rebuilt while the airport was kept fully operating.

FLL is an absolute mess right now.