Demolition Permit For Building At Una Site Has Been Activated

Miami’s building department has activated a demolition permit at the site where the 613-foot Una condo tower will be built.

A letter sent last week to the department requested it be reactivated, after having been inactive for years. The permit was last worked in September 2016, and was originally filed in April of that year before moving to inactive status.

The permit calls for total demolition of a 100,000 square foot building at the site. Cost of the demolition is estimated at $150,000.

A separate permit to remove 28 trees was also activated by a letter sent last week. That permit was also last worked in 2016.

Both the demolition permit and the tree permit still need additional work before being approved, however.

A construction permit to begin building the 46-story Una has been applied for but hasn’t received any approvals yet.

Una launched sales in March 2018. It was submitted for UDRB review in September 2018.





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There should be more buyouts like this


A matching UNA2 across the street would be perfect.


There will be more. Just look at beautiful water front property next to UNA with
Great potential. Almost 9 acres. I heard someone is interested in 2451 Brickell.


Beautiful tower!


Finally some world class architecture. Thank you ASGG and OKO Group.


The best tower for South Brickell/Coconut Grove in years.


Owners of other older condos on this street are looking forward to offers for buyouts so that the entire block can be rebuilt to blend in with this beautiful tower.


I agree with beautiful tower, but…pause…. The surrounding buildings are awful..I was so excited to visit, since Brickell is the place, so to have a Marina,YES…. I jumped to look, took the tour, and it was like the Grinch stole my Christmas….very sorry to post…I really hoped for Sunny isles in Brickell…NOT


Agree. The older condo buildings (except for the Metropolitan) are an eyesore. I have lived in one of these for 20+ years and was looking forward to a buyout after OKO bought out the bay front building. We received offers but we need 95% of owners to agree to sell. Unfortunately for those of us anxious to sell, we have not gotten to 95%
The entire street desperately needs a rebuild! Help!


The mood in one of the largest property us to sell because of major improvements needed.


The largest parcel next to it will within a short period of time be made into a 5 Star property also with a huge Nariba and a few beautiful buildings. It’s almost a nine acre site with only one ok’d condo. Appears many residents want to sell and are holding out for a fair offer. The area will be beautiful. Was that Jared I noticed checking out the location??? Maybe I am mistaken……….


The first buyout has raised the stakes. Owners of the remaining buildings are going to want a good deal.


Thank you OKO for the beautification (new plants, trees) of our street!