Demolition Underway At Arquitectonica’s Babylon Apartments In Brickell

Brickell’s The Babylon Apartments is being demolished.

The building was the subject of a preservation battle, and was designated historic in 2016. That decision was overturned by Miami commissioners earlier this year.

Built in 1982, it was the first commercial building designed by Arquitectonica.

According to city records, a permit for total demolition was approved last month and has been pulled by a contractor. A Notice of Commencement was also filed on February 15, indicating the start of demolition.


(photos: phillip pessar)

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I actually liked this building. Am I in the minority?


I liked it. Especially considering what was being built at the time. This was probably one of the few really innovative designs of its time.


I also really liked it. I’m really bummed that they are tearing it down.


This area has increased in value through the years, plus once the FAA approved a higher limit to build the air rights increased as well. Short buildings such as this one in this area, have zero chance of surviving in the years ahead.


They should have kept the facade to integrate it into the new building.


Arquitectonica, since the beginning building ugly buildings, it seams it became a habit,


what is planned on this lot?


A new park and open space for Brickell residents to enjoy.

Just kidding. Condos.


A 60+ story building.


Something beautiful will go in its place.


I like this building too…but not good enough reason to preserve it in perpetuity. Thankfully Brickell is not under the same “preservationist” control as Miami Beach and has a future that is not stuck in the past.


Rigo, you took the words out of my mouth, that is exactly correct. One of the many reasons why I will never move out of Brickell, it keeps changing and becoming more and more vibrant.

John Munch

Welcome to the Babylon…just do another gram and you’ll be babbling on..Thank you, thank you =)


Looks better now.


I like de building’s design but if it was gonna remind in those conditions then there was no point on preserving it.


Meanwhile, beautiful 1920s architecture is being destroyed in Riverside/Shenandoah (Little Havana) with no protection whatsoever. Shows where Miami’s priorities are…


Man please… Aside from some key properties that sit directly on SW 8th Street and a handful of historical buildings that do deserve a Historical designation between and I-95 and SW 12 Ave, 85% of that pocket just west of Brickell and East of 12 Ave needs to be torn the hell down to make way for new development that will really transform the area back to its former glory. Driveby any time and most of what you’ll see in that pocket are some dilapidated ass buildings and houses that have been neglected for decades and are in some serious disrepair….. Little Havana is not South Beach nor Miami Beach, period and realisticly speaking it’s just a matter of time before it happens so might as well start tearing all those eyesore buildings down. OUT with the old and IN with the new in Little Havana I say.


“The Truth” – Perfect name. You said it!
I cannot add any more to it. Miami will become a great city with forward thinking like yours. Yes, it is ok to preserve some of the true historic buildings but the rest needs to progress and move into the 21st and eventually the 22nd century.


I personally think they should build a two-square-mile parking garage on Little Havana with a nice Dave and Busters on top.


Another scandal. The speculator who owns the Babylon never maintains any of his properties. Who needs another 60 story tower? No one.