More Details On Rooftop Lounge At Canvas

Q&A With broker Alex Acker of Cedano Realty Advisors on the rooftop and retail space at Canvas:

Q: Is 4500 square feet indoor or outdoor?

A: Its actually closer to 4700 square feet indoor space with an extra 1500 square feet of outdoor terraces

Q: Are there any noise/time restrictions?

A: It’s TBD within the confines of the ordinance

Q: Have you received any interest yet, ground floor or roof?

A: We have a lot of interest on ground and rooftop, we are in active talks with multiple groups

Q: Are you hoping for restaurant, lounge or bar on roof?

A: we think there’s a wonderful opportunity to provide a full dining experience, it’s a rare opportunity to offer something unique in our market. as it gets later into the evening you can reduce down the full menu and convert more to a cocktail lounge. As the operator sees fit. At different hours we see the experience adjusting.