Developer Announces Plan To Build Nation’s Largest Mall And Theme Park In Miami

Developer Triple Five is proposing to build a mall near Miami Lakes that could be the largest in the U.S.

In addition to the mall, the project would include a theme park with simulated ski slopes, an ice skating rink, a legoland, submarine rides and sea lions. It would cost as much as $4 billion to build.

Triple Five owns the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis, which currently holds the title as the largest mall in the country.

The project would be built on 200 acres at the intersection of I-75 and the Turnpike, within the UDRB. Mayor Gimenez told Doug Hanks of the Miami Herald that a deal is in place that would waive a lease that the school board has for part of the land. 80 acres would then be sold by the state of Florida to the county, which would resell it to Triple Five. The rest of the land is owned by the Graham Companies.




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I think it is about time that Miami-Dade has more to offer than Gambling, bars, and a few very small attractions that just survive, the attractions that is. This will bring in millions of people from all over and if done right give us a boost we need. There will always be those that can’t see a good thing even if it bites them in the you know where!


Let’s get it done!!!


Sounds like a terrible accident waiting to happen…


I think I saw a rare owl on that site lol


Is that an NYC skyline with the WTC still standing in the background?


It’s actually midtown New York with the Time Warner Center to the left side. I guess this was originally meant for Jersey.


Wow in 5 or 6 years Miami will be in the top 5 destinations in the world to visit with this mall and possibly a theme park from Fox and all the other proposed projects Miami is destin to be great where can you party gamble eat enjoy the beach watch every major sport and go to a theme park all in one place MIAMI thats where


Let’s see how fast politicians, ecologist, and bickering between city, county, and state can screw this up.


The water park looks awesome but it will probably be out doors. Isn’t that patch of land the last refuge of the rare giant spotted feathered flying alligator?


I think it is. It’s also home to the rare blue star shaped shell of the paddle feet dragon fly face pink turtle.


And the list goes on.. this is not a laughing matter.
It is also the last known refuge of the endangered Fighting Cock of Hialeah.


There is a metromover in the background, I could only dream.


Unnecessary. It’s already between the enormous Sawgrass Mills and Dolphin Malls. Why not build a world class sports complex with that can compete for future Olympics instead of a mall? Geez. What a crappy idea.


Olympic venues are a waste of money. Do you see how quickly they are abandoned and become dilapidated all over the world once the Olympics are gone?


They’re not a waste of money if done right. Although, there have been failures (Sochi, Russia), there are many success stories around the world (Barcelona, Seoul, Atlanta, etc.).

It doesn’t even need to attract an Olympics. A first class sports facility would be very well received in Miami. (Soccer, tennis, baseball, etc) Also would be a good location for the Beckham stadium.


This is going to be phenomenal, a water park, a mall, ice skating and many more. This what Miami wants. This is what the tourist deserve.
The people behind this project are Gods.


How many viable a profitable mega malls can Dade and Broward have?


well i dont consider Dolphin or Sawgrass a real mall. the only real mall is Aventura and maybe dadeland. Dolphin and Sawgrass are for trash.

I have no problem with this if its not an outlet mall. also the intersection of I75 and turnpike on the east side they are already clearing for something but i think its the long rumored south turnpike to north or south i75 exit ramp.

christopher johnson

IF built, we can pretend we are in an area of the country that snows?


Don’t laugh. That simulated ski slope attraction would almost surely be by far the most popular feature at this mega-mall, IF it ever actually gets developed.


This would be great.
Plus Genting should move and do their casino there.
Then Genting’s site could become David Beckahams stadium sorrounded by condos, parks, miami world center and all the Museums…

That would be an amazing Downtown!!


Since FL is one of only few states where population is guaranteed to grow, money will be flowing here with all kinds of breathtaking projects. I am all for this thing being built.


The thing is a horrible idea. We already have huge malls. This will not bring new business and jobs but take them away from other businesses.

Tomas Possenti

Great concept. Mid-June Ski runs anyone? – Tomas Possenti


Would it be real snow?

Tomas Possenti

In some cases, some consider it better.
GEA Refrigeration was one of the contractors for Ski Dubai, one of the more popular indoor ski venues, and they have had great success.
Check it out:

I’m sure they will most likely win the contract due to the experience they have in the field.

Alex Tupacyupanqui

Miami is becoming the sexist city in the World, all the new changes are corverting Miami in the brand new city with entertainment for all ages


This mall will attract a lot of tourists and it will also free up the congestion at other malls like sawgrass and dolphin for local shoppers. I have gone to Minneapolis just to visit mall of the Americas and noticed that the mall was full of other tourists like me and not just locals. I have also visited the mall in Edmonton, Canada and it is incredible! With such
a proven track record of successful malls I think this one will be even more spectacular.
I can’t wait to enjoy it.


Looming retail glut?


Where’s Lolita”s pool?


I live in south FL, traffic is already effing terrible, take your mega mall, theme park elsewhere. Not to mention the damage to the environment and taking land from the schools? GTFO of here.


If we listen to Anonymous post of March 12 we would have nothing, must be someone that would love to see Miami-Dade back in the 50’s. Well lets hope not. It done right I am sure the rails will have a part in this to keep the traffic down and tourist that will be staying at the hotels on site won’t be a bother and will also bring much needed sales to the whole area even 49th street.


Everyone saying it’s not a great idea I have to disagree I think it’s a great idea there aren’t enough things for kids to do down here. All we have are bars, clubs, restaurants and movies nothing for the kids. The bar & club thing is played out. This would be great for families to enjoy together. I can’t wait and hope that this comes thru.


It seems pretty clear by way of the overall reaction coming from the public that the naysayers and NIMBY’s are outnumbered 4 to 1 on this one. Frankly, there is little here to be against, if one is using logic and not just flying off the handle with senseless emotionalism. This project would create thousands upon thousands of good-paying jobs during the construction phase and thousands of jobs ranging between low-paying to high-paying on a permanent basis, following completion. It would be built in a part of the county that sorely needs high end and quality development. The traffic issues will be managed with road improvements and the inevitable inclusion of rail transit, at some point in the future. The entertainment, recreational and retail options will be enormous and for people of all ages. This project would be so huge and have such impact that it will actually dramatically increase tourism in an already tourism-intensive area, including an increase in international visitors. I could go on and on but the positives way outweigh the negatives. And a proposal like this clearly highlights how naysayers and NIMBY’s are against ALL progress and ALL development, always. They personally don’t like it so… Read more »


Very well said Fredric I with you 100% on this and wish I could do more to bring in more projects all over South Florida.


We better get some road access done and more highways before this comes along because this day to day traffic jams suck!!!


What year hope before I a dead