Developer Of Miami's Tallest Building Taking Steps To Reduce Construction Noise

Developer Of Miami’s Tallest Building Taking Steps To Reduce Construction Noise

The developers of Panorama Tower, which is set to become the Miami’s tallest building, are taking steps to reduce noise at the construction site.

Contractors are installing Acoustifence into noise abatement panels to block sound from machinery. The panels are currently in use around the grout pumps and will be used around the rig during the remainder of pile installation.

In addition, flood lights will soon be replacing light plants at the site.

The developers say that they are constantly monitoring sound, and are making efforts to abate the maximum amount possible.




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When working in S. Beach once .. The prime had to install decibel sound meters that automatically emailed all the supervisors that X decibels was being exceeded. Does Mr. Hollo get emails?


Shoot, Hollo still corresponds via telegraph.


Wonder why this isn’t being done at Brickell City Center. For months this project has abused noise permitting waivers and Commissioner Sarnoff’s office has done nothing. Some serious investigative reporting needs to be done with who is funding re-election campaigns in the City/County. I’d start with Swire, Turner Construction, and Related to name a few. Follow the money!