Grand Station Partners Submits Plans For 300-Unit Apartment Tower

Grand Station Partners has submitted plans to build a luxury 31-story apartment building

The project is to be developed on property owned by the Miami Parking Authority, following a settlement with Mana over the bidding process. The project will not be built on adjacent property owned by Mana.

The project is temporarily known as Parcel B. It will include a total of 300 apartments:

  • 44 studios (450 square feet)
  • 124 1-bedrooms (650 square feet)
  • 132 2-bedrooms (875-square feet)

The developer told the SFBJ that they are adding extra 2-bedroom units to appeal to those renting with roommates.

There will also be a 369 space garage and 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

Miami’s UDRB is scheduled to review the plans on July 19. Zyscovich Architects and Frances Anillo Toledo are the architects.

Groundbreaking is expected in early 2018.


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Love the use of i-beams, exposed iron, and different material applications. it looks very urban…we need more like this and less buildings that hide the parking pedestal with a blank wall with a so called ‘mural’


300 units in the heart downtown is good for the city. This will add a bit of residential to an area of downtown that has very limited residential.


It’s a square box but I”m so happy to see the area develop into a more urban and walkable area. It will also have stunning views of downtown and Brickell skyline


mix of emotions on this: sad that it’s a ‘luxury apartment’ (we need affordable apartments -_-)… yet happy it’s not Mana


don’t worry, they throw the word ‘luxury’ on everything in Miami…


Yeah my friend lives in one of those miserable older Melo bldgs and the rental pitches all use the word luxury. That just means it doesn’t have bedbugs and water pouring through the ceiling when it rains.


Agree with bitg 100%. Affordable and close walkng distance from the train. Working professionals and students can easily commute to and from Medical Civic Center. I’m excited and can’t wait!!!


I am with Alpina, the word “luxury” is thrown around quite a bit. Nothing about this design screams luxury and more than likely it will be relatively affordable, which is a good thing for Downtown Miami. We need more people working and living in the urban core.


love it!!!


Nice big windows on the facade. I bet the views are great !!!!!


Looking forward to this beautiful building in the area – much needed affordable housing!


Elegant and smart. Great way to turn an empty lot into a modern living. Bet it will have amazing panoramic views. Miami, a great place to live. Can’t wait to see it built.

Mana is Scum

It’s good to see they went with this group instead of Mana. This project went further than most of his others in that he actually put a picture up. But when push came to shove he took a settlement instead of developing anything. That says it all and why it’s comical to think he’s developing a “master plan” for that area.

As far as design, it’s whatever but a bunch of rentals next to the station, courthouse and government center is great for the area and will hopefully lead to more buildings in the area. The key to developing that area is foot traffic and this is a nice step in that direction aesthetics aside.


ALL city owned residential use property may ONLY be developed into REAL AFFORDABLE housing with a reasonable profit to the developer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this building will be perfect when the area around i densifies so that it will be more difficult to see how truly ugly this building is. Honestly, this is awful. Im hoping the interiors are nice.


I agree. There is nothing to write home to mom about. Aesthetically, it sucks big time.


Looks like it was designed by a committee of children where everyone is right so that no feelings are hurt.




that is good old Zyscovich design


it’s chaos