Developer Submits Plans For Massive World Trade Center Of The Americas On Biscayne Boulevard

PMG, meet your new neighbor.

A developer has submitted plans to build a glassy 77-story tower called World Trade Center Of The Americas at 340 Biscayne Boulevard. At it’s highest point, the tower would reach a height of 953-feet, making it one of the tallest in Miami.

The property sits on Biscayne Boulevard directly in front of the Empire World Towers site, recently purchased by PMG. A Holiday Inn is currently on the site and would be demolished.

The proposed tower is being designed to maximize as-of-right entitlements permitted under the zoning code. The mixed-use tower uses exactly 1,439,352 square feet of FLR – the maximum permitted, without wasting a single square foot.

At the bottom of the tower will be lobby and retail space, with a 516 space parking garage and 52 bicycle spots.

Levels 16 through 23 consist of office space. In total, 246,529 square feet of office space is planned.

Next, a ten-level hotel will start at floor 27, with 100 rooms.

The remainder of the tower, from floor 37 to 76, is dedicated to residential space. There are 400 units planned.

ITC Center Miami, LLC and BH Downtown Miami, LLC are the companies that submitted the proposal. Both companies list Regalia Sunny Isles developer Louis Montello as a Registered Agent.

Representatives of the developer are now working with city officials to get the plan approved, with a hearing before the UDRB scheduled for next week.

Arquitectonica is the project architect.



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Important site with an unfortunate overly bland design. Arquitectonica has become the default Miami firm for most developers and PMG has made the mistake that most out of state develops do when selecting an architect in Miami, they go for the firm that gravitates to flash and splash. This tower is also close to the horrifically designed Miami Skyrise that Berkowitz bought from the previous owner and Arquitectonica pilfered from the previous engineers-designers who’s intent was to create a sustainable tower that would add to the grid via, solar, wind and geo-thermal energy. Berkowitz located the tower on City land knowing that the City is desperate for money, abandons the energy focus of the development and makes it a tourist-centric development similar to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas with rides and observation decks. Arquitectonica proves the famed Philip Johnson quotation about ‘Architects are Whores’ to be true by not altering the design and claim the design for themselves. Now to have two towers in the 900-1000 foot range within proximity of such poor designs will leave a mark on Miami. Miami’s skyline is magnificent, too bad that the two tallest structures being proposed show the least amount of design imagination… Read more »


@cfer, this is NOT PMG. PMG owns the site next door to this and has never, to my knowledge, used ARQ.


thanks for the correction….my point was really to the garbage that ARQ produces and how that is so readily acceptable in Miami by so many as high architecture. NYC now has a memorable and well designed icon in the new WTC, LA and SF are designing two significant towers that will be their tallest in those respective cities, both of which will be landmarks. In Boston a local developer hired Renzo Piano to design a 1000 foot tower that is now being re-designed by James Carpenter to which the task was to make it iconic, welcoming and a new beacon in the skyline. From my POV, the two designs that ARQ have for the two tallest structures in Miami are cartoon-like that lack thought. The proposed WTC of the Americas seems to be designed from the persepective of Biscayne Blvd southbound view only. There is very little depth as too how the rest of the building looks or even performs. Is there a relationship to a program or is the skin designed based on technology performance? It seems arbitrary and similar to the approach that ARQ deployed for Skyrise. If you researh the original proposal for a sustainable tower in… Read more »


I’d have to admit- a job well done Arquitectonica. Weird to be saying that… But I’m impressed and I want it to happen!




I REALLY like this and want it to happen. It looks like a giant work of art. Very unique. Monolithic abstract, minimalist sculpture.
I’m surprised more people are not into it.


I have no idea how PMG and this developer are going to coexist. I am going to assume that one is going to buy the other out to build one or two twin tower building.

Edin Coralic

Wow,I hope will be approved by FAA,go Miami…


I wonder what the South side of the building will be like, the side that may be only a couple of feet from whatever PMG builds since they didn’t go with any setback.
Anyone else notice the resemblance to the Four Seasons?


The arms race is on. As I understand, PMG wanted to build something similar in height and profile, but if both of the towers were built, they’d be within couple feet of each other. Impossibility, I say. Someone will be left scrambling, with their land holding losing some value.
As for the design, I do like the all-glass aspect of it, but in the renderings it looks sparse and menacing. More a Dallas or Houston type architecture, than Miami.


October 2017 pmg released their twisted cube design for their tower right next door…looks like they are the ones who are going to push forward


Every single boom a developer proposes a world trade center for Miami, and they never actually build it….. So I highly doubt this actually happens


Ugliest thing I have seen. If this is going to be built on such a prominent location and size, i prefer it doesn’t get built at all.


Boring more than ugly


Ed good thing your not the one with the money and the vision


This seems like a negotiating ploy. It just so happens that PMG’s neighbor, whom they would very much like to buy out, proposes a building that is as obstructive to PMG’s lot as possible, being built right to the lot line on every side, as tall as humanely possible in Miami. The concept and renderings look rushed. No way this is a serious proposal rather than an attempt to shake PMG down.


Exactly my thinking. It’s a powerplay to get approved before PMG has a chance to do anything. Youur move PMG.


October 2017 their move was a big f you to this project by making a twisted cube tower over 1k feet, they are the ones with the power here


I’m perplexed as to why would they waste time with a retail portion for this building when they know Miami WorldCenter is in the works and why the 100 room hotel portion knowing the 1800 room Marriot is coming too? And I can’t believe that Arquitectonica would dare design residences without their signature “swooping” balconies.


I’m so over Arquitectonica. Will someone please hire one of the many talented and creative architects out there!


The bottom depiction looks like something one would see in a movie about the the final days of civilization in a futuristic world where everyone has gone mad and common sense and good taste are twisted into a modern day version of a very tall fortress like prison in which the inhabitants are all insane. Barf !


This was a really long sentence with no payoff.




Oh how cute. It appears like a taller vision of the Federal Detention Prison a few blocks away on North Miami Av. And Fifth Street.


I like it, i just know that on that lot two huge buildings side by side wont work unless its one developer with all the land and build something spaced out like the Vizcayne towers next door.


Agree with last post, one developer should fold and sell their plot of land. Two big projects side by side would be strange looking. All they need to do is loook to thier neihbors at vizcaya; with one project taking up the whole site.

Kenneth Fantes

PMG. Great developer from NYC . This project is going to be awesome.


I’ll take PMG seriously when they top off one building in SFLA. Their NYC portfolio is lackluster.


PMG built Mei on Miami Beach in 2008, which is 22 stories on the Ocean that averages about 1,000/sf on resales right now.

They also completed 95th on the Ocean in Bal Harbour earlier this year.
Echo Aventura in Aventura is topped off and Sage Beach in Hollywood is topped off.
Echo Brickell is under construction. In NYC they’ve finished several buildings over the past 12 months, including Walker Tower, which is easily one of the most successful post-recession developments.

Will you take them seriously now Jz?


It looks a lot like the Jail that is just a few blocks away Lmao!!