Developer Wants Omni Land Rezoned, Can Build Up To 358 Units If Approved

The owner of a property in the Omni area is asking for the city to rezone it in order to allow a bigger multifamily project.

Damian Narvaez and Alex Karakhanian purchased the 42,714 square foot property at 1900 Northeast Miami Court last year, within the Omni CRA boundaries.

The property is zoned for 500 units per acre, but the owners are asking for the city to rezone from T6-8-O to T6-12-O. By doing so, it would allow them to build taller (12-stories) and increase the square footage to 444,226, up to an estimated 358 units at an average unit size of 700 square feet.

Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board is scheduled to review the request on March 15.