Dolphin Mall’s New High Tech Parking Garage Will Guide You To Your Space

Thanks to a new state of the art garage, shoppers at Dolphin Mall will no longer have to circle around to find a parking space, or wander around a lot wondering where they parked.

At the entrance to the mall’s newly completed 1,300 space garage, a panel will display the number of spaces that are available on each floor. Each aisle will also have a screen displaying the number of spots available there, and LED lights above each spot will light up green or red so that drivers can see exactly what is available.

After shopping, visitors will be able to enter their license plate number into a kiosk which will remind them exactly where their car is parked. An app for smartphones is also in development.

The garage was built as part of an 18-month construction project that is also adding 32,000 square feet of space with five new restaurants. Opening is scheduled for September 15.

The highly successful Dolphin Mall is owned by Taubman Centers, which is also a partner in The Mall at Miami Worldcenter. More than half of shoppers as the mall are said to be international visitors.