Downtown 5th Breaks Ground – Melo Group’s Biggest Project Ever With Twin 53-Story Towers

Melo Group has broken ground on one of the biggest projects ever in downtown Miami.

Downtown 5th will include 1,042 apartments and 12,506 square feet of retail. No other development within the CBD has ever been built with such a large unit count.

It is also the biggest single project ever for Melo by number of apartments.

Miami’s UDRB unanimously rejected the design in a July vote, but the board only serves in an advisory role and permitting continued to move forward.

On October 8, Miami’s Building Department issued a construction permit for excavation, pile, and site and soil improvements, There will be an estimated $100,000 in foundation work.

The permit to begin vertical construction was applied for in December 2018, but still not approved. An expedited life and safety review to allow for work to begin faster was requested on October 7, but has been denied by Miami’s Building Department.

A total of $249 million in hard construction costs is estimated on the permit.

The project was approved by the FAA last year for a height of 495 feet above ground, or 508 feet above sea level.