Downtown Miami Population Up 38% Since 2010

Downtown Miami’s population is getting younger, wealthier, more female, and growing fast, according to a new study.

According to the newly released report by Miami’s Downtown Development Authority, the population of downtown Miami is up 38% since 2010.

3,700 new residents have moved in since the last study in 2016, or an increase of 4%. That number will likely increase with thousands of new apartments set to come to market in the next few years.

Women make up a greater percentage of downtown’s population than in 2010. The population is now 50.6% male and 49.4% female, compared to a 3% gap in 2010.

Also on the rise is median household income, up 55 percent since 2010 for area residents. Downtown Miami also boasts better educated residents than the rest of the region, with 54 percent of residents having a bachelors degree or higher.

Children are one of the district’s fastest-growing groups.There are now 11,484 residents ages 0-14 — a 53 percent increase since 2010.