The Edge On Brickell Is Now Accepting Reservations

Reservations are now underway at the 124-unit Edge On Brickell.

Construction is expected to begin in the fall. Prices for 2-bedroom units (the smallest available) start at about $650,000.

Brochure, floor plans and video:

[vimeo id=”96042666″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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7 years ago

Oy vey. Simply put, this one is not going to happen. Based on the quality of the marketing collateral (renderings, VR tour), building design (both aesthetically and functionally), and pricing, I just don’t see buyers choosing this building over the large variety of competition that exists in Brickell. I think this ends up being the first somewhat notable planned building in Brickell from this cycle to not actually get developed.

7 years ago

I don’t know if this project happens or not but I definitely see buyers liking this project. Did anyone look at the floor plans? The units are huge. Where else are you going to get a 2,500+ sf 3 bedroom in Brickell. Most units like that are only penthouse units. With only 3 units per floor they’ve basically built an entire building with penthouse units.

7 years ago

Dear god Miami shut this project down and lower the transect zone from T6-48 down to T6-8. There is NOOO need to have a 60 story tower sitting right on top of the river with only a 10′ setback. Those 50′ deep lots along the river have no business being that high of a transect zone. I’m completely in favor of density but if your only going to have a 10-15′ setback along the water then the buildings need to be MUCH MUCH lower.

7 years ago

This is a joke.

7 years ago

Elegant Design! Great use of minimal property space. This is something you usually only see in NYC. Go Miami!

7 years ago

Just as when they announced this and didn’t show any up close renderings of the building and even worse renderings of how the entrance of building on river and the back part that gives to the already small and 2 lane street look- there marketing materials leave out the fact. When you look at Brickell Heights, The Bond, condos at Brickell City Center, SLS and more in Brickell they all show you the spectacular entrances of building. I assume they leave out because there is nothing spectacular about this building.

7 years ago


Ed Smith
7 years ago

A hideous monstrosity. That towering wall against the river is an assault on our city.