Edge On Brickell Being Replaced With An Even Bigger, 60-Story Project

If you thought that The Edge On Brickell was a big tower crammed into a small space, wait until you see what the new owner of the property is planning.

Leo Macedo, a Brazilian developer, told The Real Deal that he plans to build an even bigger project on the tiny, 13,979 square foot site. It will include a 60-story tower with 300 condo units and 200 hotel units.

The hotel would be five stars. Macedo said that he is in negotiations with several flags “because many flags are interested in opening a new hotel in Miami.”

Kobi Karp is the new architect, replacing Permuy Architecture and Revuelta Architecture. Karp will be tasked with fitting a large project on the very narrow site. The previous design called for 130 units in a 58-story, 625-foot tower, with about two units per floor.

Macedo paid $18.3 million for the property. He said that he has developed about 5,000 condo units in Brazil through partnerships.


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Perfect spot for a little park which could enhance the river walk…. oh who am I kidding, Miami doesn’t care about parks


Not with $18 million price tag which is ridiculous in and of itself for this 1/3 of an acre.


You’re kidding yourself if you think developers want to shell out their green to put in green space. Not sure how you wrap the city of Miami into developer-owned land, but okay.


Well they will have to leave 20% into open space.


Miami does care about parks. Just go into the downtown area parks and count the number of people on one hand walking around in them, then you’ll realize on a visitor to spending ratio how much Miami really care about parks.


You can say its not suitable because of the loss of potential revenue all you want, but go to NYC and peruse their beautiful plazas and parks. Those lots could go for millions too


Here we go with the NYC vs Miami comparison again. NYC is at least seven million people strong, compared to the entire MiamiDade county population of about 2.5 to 2.6 million people. Part of the Everglades National Park sits in MiamiDade county. You could put all the parks in NYC together and they would barely put a dent in the Everglades National Park part that sits in MDC.

Miami has plenty of parks, you just don’t go to that many of them because Florida is basically surrounded by water. Florida doesn’t have to be park dependent when it’s population treks out of the house, like say, Missouri or Tennessee.


I’m just talking about small urban plazas. Go to DC and there’s a small plaza every two blocks. You cannot compare these to the Everglades- its apples to oranges.


I’ve been to DC. I used to live in Virginia and have been to DC many times. DC does not have a Biscayne Bay, a Virginia Key Beach, a Hollover Beach, a South Beach, etc etc etc. Miami doesn’t need to be designed like DC.

Comparing DC to Miami….apples to oranges.


How many people say actually go to the parks already available? I rest my case not many so why turn this into a park


Brickell is still hot hot hot!


These will have to be smallest units and hotel rooms ever to fit that many on that plot of land. Hopefully they don’t encroach on the river walk more than the previous building was going to.


I really don’t see how it will be possible to cram 300 condo units and 200 hotel rooms onto this site.

Miami 21 allows for 500 DU/acre on this .32 acre site = 160 units by right. Macedo has proposed 400 dwelling units (300 condo units and 200 hotel rooms/2). Would he have to transfer development rights onto this site to obtain approvals?


Absolutely. Not only for the increased FLR, but also the height which is currently 48 stories by right.


This is insanity.


Yeah….insanely cool………


Great news! that concrete blank wall was hideous. This will be a tall and skinny tower, as long as they clad it in high quality glass it will be striking. A little park?….yeah…sure.


i’m stunned by the uninformed nature of comments on this site sometimes. the price tag is not the value of the land. the buyer and seller of this parcel traded this piece of land for a home on pine tree drive of similar value.

this parcel is undevelopable due to the setbacks required by code and requirement of riverwalk.

Yet Another Anonymous

Remember that a modest (for 60 stories) 500,000 sq ft building divided by 500 units is still 1000 sq ft per unit average. These are just generic numbers.

Small condos and medium sized luxury hotel rooms?


build it in comparison to the Porsche Tower, this would aid in the parking of vehicles it’s not beach front property so it is possible


Can’t wait to see what they have planned. People whined and complained about the other project, this might cause a few of them to have a nervous breakdown.