Edgewater’s 40-Story 1836 Biscayne Tower Scheduled For A Hearing Before The Urban Development Review Board Today

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board has scheduled a meeting today to review plans for the 1836 Biscayne tower in Edgewater.

A 1925 Neoclassical Revival style church designed by architect August Geiger is on the property. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, but two attempts to locally designate the property as historic failed after encountering opposition.

Developer Fifteen Group is proposing to preserve the church and build an apartment tower that rises 40 stories, or 419 feet above ground next to it. A portion of the new tower will jut out over the church building.

The new plans appears much more practical and economical to build compared to previous proposals, which would have required support columns be placed inside the existing church building.

At the ground floor, the existing sanctuary area will be converted into retail, with a sloped floor to be replaced by a flat floor if the tenant requests it. A residential lobby will also be built.

Above that will be another level of retail in the church. In the tower, a 10-story podium will extend upward with mostly parking space.

Amenities will be on levels 10 and 11, including spa and pool areas.

Levels 13 through 38 will have apartment units, with a total of 364 units.

A rooftop lounge will be located on level 39, with indoor and outdoor kitchens and dining areas, a fire pit, a pool, and cabanas.

Total building height is 418 feet.