Elevated Arsenic Levels Detected At Four Seasons Surfside Site

Sand excavated from Richard Meier’s Four Seasons condo hotel project in Surfside has been found to contain elevated levels of arsenic

Workers had removed the sand from the project site and spread it along the beach as part of a nourishment program. Laboratory results indicated arsenic levels ranged from 7.0 to 7.8 mg/kg, compared to normal residential limits of 2.1 mg/kg.

An independent consultant and local officials have concluded that the test is consistent with naturally occurring arsenic levels for the area, which typically measures at a level of 5.2 mg/kg.



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Shoe Sand
7 years ago

Lies designed to cover up deals with local officials allowing a developer to cheaply dump onto the public beach alot of filth from under a old now demolished building for several decades. After the whole zoning code was sold at virtually public auction it was nothing to do a little deal with poisonous sand from one of the development sites – just dump it all over a public beach. Notice that poison levels for other places, like Sunny Isles, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, etc are not posted to compare with the poison of development in Surfside.

Surfsider Beachfront
7 years ago

Four Seasons, Give us our white sand back without the toxins, or construction debris!

7 years ago

Coverup – covering beautiful clean sand with filty contaminated poisoned sand. Coverup – concealing the underhanded actions of town officials who go with the flow of money instead of the higher calling of public service.

Renee Jarvis
7 years ago

Pigs. The entire approval process was a joke.

The Surfside town council was so ready to get rid of the admittedly “wasp” club, that the predominately Jewish town council (and most residents) would have approved anything in order to “tear down this wall” that separated the private clubs property line.

Well Surfside, you now have traded in long standing wasp members for Muslim developers from Turkey. Some would say you got exactly what you deserved Surfside.

And Indian Creek is next. My husband tells me that the projects developer has just joined Indian Creek and listed his “home club” as Istanbul.

Indian Creek island is next. When will enough be enough Surfside?

And don’t believe what they say about the beach being safe. It’s clearly not. And now you have arsenic covered beaches just in time for the sea turtles to come in and nest.

You idiots.

7 years ago

Buyer beware. Research Fort Capital’s other developments. Private space versus commercial space. Will you have a nightclub next to your bedroom? Will your car float during the first rain storm?