FAA Approves One River Point To Be Built At 817 Feet, Construction Permit Pending

Downtown Miami’s One River Point towers have been granted approval by the Federal Aviation Administration for a height of 817 feet above ground.

Construction permits are now being reviewed by the city.

Rafael Vinoly Architects was the applicant that received the FAA approval. A total height of 827 feet above sea level is permitted.

It is the second time the FAA has approved the height of One River Point, although a previous approval was for a taller building. In 2014, the FAA approved a building height of 928 feet above ground on the same property. The approval expired in September 2018.

City records show two construction permits now pending, including a phased foundation permit being actively worked on as of this month. A separate building permit for vertical construction of the tower is also pending.

Developer Kar Properties recently completed a foundation pour for the 38-story 2000 Ocean tower in Hallandale Beach.