Faena Planning Opening procession On April 16, 2016

Faena will hold an opening procession on April 16, 2016, and they are looking for volunteers:

Everyone is welcome: artists, dancers, painters, acrobats, athletes, cheerleaders, cyclists, dreamers, doers, rebels, misfits… all talents, skills and interests! If you want to create, perform, volunteer or participate in any way, we invite you to join us–whether you have a group or would like to participate as an individual.

Once the artistic vision of each section is solidified, the production teams will come out and make the ideas a reality. Join hundreds of volunteers to build, sew, glue, and fabricate, working side by side with artists and designers.

A thousands-strong, district-wide, people-powered processional performance will mark the inauguration of the Faena District and Forum in Miami Beach.  The procession will culminate with art installations, culinary experiences, performances and concerts. The procession is a rallying point for creative and social action that creates a new template for artistic development and community raising.