Fairholme Building Approved After Design Gets Watered Down

Fairholme Capital Management’s headquarters and art gallery on Biscayne Boulevard has been approved, but the design has been watered down thanks to the Miami 21 zoning code.

Instead of an underground parking garage, the project will include a surface parking lot behind the building. That will allow for a raised platform with a Richard Serra scultpure surrounding the building to be placed at nearly sidewalk level, complying with Miami 21. A proposed second structure behind the building also appears to have been removed in favor of the parking lot.

The translucent concrete lit up with LED pinpoints has also been dropped, although not due to Miami 21. Testing had raised question about the strength of the material.

A reflective water pool surrounding the structure has been tweaked to improve pedestrian access, and the raised platform was redefined as a plaza, all in order to comply with Miami 21, the Herald reported.