FDOT Using Eminent Domain To Acquire Land For $600 Million ‘Signature Bridge’

The Florida Department of Transportation continues to acquire land in Overtown and Park West in order to rebuild I-395, with plans that include a Signature Bridge.

Earlier this month, a court approved a $2 million payment to artist George Sánchez-Calderón for a building on a 4,205 square foot lot in Overtown. Sánchez will also receive $422,000 in court and attorney fees related to his fight of the eminent domain proceedings. He paid just $105,000 for the property in 2001.

Another case made headlines this year when FDOT used eminent domain to take control of a home from an 80-year-old Overtown resident, whose family had owned the property since 1917.

FDOT is taking 86 properties by eminent domain for the project. Construction is expected to begin in 2018.


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7 years ago

Is there a petition out that we can sign? Anything we can do?

Juan Carlos Contreras
7 years ago

FDOT is the root of evil in this state. That bridge needs to be taken down and turned into a boulevard before becoming an even bigger bridge dividing our neighborhoods. The construction of that destroyed Overtown and has split up Downtown.

We have invested millions to build our best cultural institutions around this future bridge. Pérez Art Museum, Miami Science Museum, Arsht Center, Museum Park, AAA, etc. and it’s all completely blocked by this horrible highway. Bad urban planning, but mostly bad FDOT practice as always. A huge shame for our city.

7 years ago

I Agree with you 100%
Although an iconic bridge would be nice, should it be a priority?

NO! I wonder what 600 Million dollars could do for our lacking public transit system. We already spent millions on the development of the Port Miami Tunnel and on the redevelopment of 836.

7 years ago

PortMiami Tunnel was $1 billion…

This damn city needs to get its act together. What’s the point of this? 395 is hardly important; Venetian Causeway, 195, 79th and 922 all link the damn island. Who the hell drives on 395, anyway? Tourists, downtown residents, an occasional south or west Miami residents? Pretty much all sounds like all people that would benefit from taking public transportation to the beach instead of driving on this congestion nightmare (not just car congestion, but will congest the neighborhoods and pedestrian traffic). Miami, listen to your damn citizens, not politicians looking to spend the most money on the most pointless causes. This is sickening.

7 years ago

I think $600 mil is the price tag for the light rail Baylink proposal.

7 years ago

What you guys don’t realize is that they’re still studying Baylink. They’ve been studying it since 1997 and they still have at least another ten more years of studying it before they make their final decision to either do more studying or spend more money on a different firm to do further studying. So whenever (and who knows when) they’ll make their decision on Baylink when the study is done.

Juan Carlos Contreras
7 years ago

Studies, studies, and more studies. We don’t need studies to tell us what we already know. Our roads are congested, it’s stifling our quality of life and economic growth, and we NEED transit.

Just build a quality passenger rail and Miamians will board en masse. Our city needs this to move forward. Our transportation congestion is killing us.

7 years ago

@Juan Carlos Contreras – I completely agree. The day that Baylink opens I will be taking it to South Beach. I used to love to go there from Brickell but finding parking on the weekend has become impossible. A couple of weeks ago I met some friends at Lincoln Rd and we caught a movie with drinks afterwards. I got tired of looking for street parking and so I parked at the garage over Rosa Mexicano and paid $25 bucks! I was shocked!! We need public transportation over any bridge or another tunnel.

7 years ago

Missing the point – important traffic flows being addressed are I95 to the port and Biscayne Blvd., and lesser extent to so. Beach.

Luchiano Montero
7 years ago

2018??? Really??? Miami could be gone by 2018! Think about what the city is facing right now and STOP trying to plan for tomorrow. When I say ” MIAMI could be gone by 2018″ I was referring to Hurricanes. I’m a Meteorologist and from the research that my colleagues and I have done, the city of Miami is the most vulnerable city to get hit by a CAT 5 Hurricane. Fortunately, the state/city has been pretty lucky over the last 8-9 years, but unfortunately ONE DAY that streak will end. I’m NOT trying to scare anyone, I’m just being a realist here. In my opinion, the BEST THREAT that Miami is facing as we speak is the traffic jam. More and More and More people are moving into the city every year, but NOT much is being done about the traffic. Yes, The Port of Miami tunnel has lessoned traffic significantly for people headed to the port, but NOT really for people headed to Miami Beach. A prime example, the MacArthur causeway. One little accident and you’ll be stuck their for an hour or more. Overall, these “architects” want to Construct a NEW BRIDGE THAT might only be useful after 2018.

global reach
7 years ago

What a complete waste of money, the county should of ask the state to pay for a baylink instead.

7 years ago

The way money is wasted by the government, building beautiful bridges should be the least of anyone’s concerns.
That’s just one week of bombing runs in Iraq.